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"Symfony - An elegant, efficient and
future-proof web apps framework"

Symfony is an advanced web framework and a collection of classes coded in PHP. The framework offers structure, functions and tools for web developers to create complex web applications and enterprise-level web application or multi-level web development more easily and quickly which helps save time and effort.

Team In India's Symfony Department

At Team In India we have a dedicated Symfony department, comprising 51 (at the time of writing) permanent in-house designers, developers and solution architects. In fact, we believe that our in-house Symfony team could be the largest client-facing Symfony team in the World!

Every member of our Symfony team is dedicated to achieving perfect results for our clients, every single time. Because they are committed solely to Symfony, they have developed a very deep knowledge of the technology and know how to get the very best from it in terms of performance, reliability and functionality.

Our Symfony expertise includes

Custom Web
Payment Gateway
3rd Party API
Job Portal

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Benefits of using the Symfony framework


The latest release of the software, Symfony2 is fast. As far as websites build on this framework are concerned, you don’t need to worry about slow loading or even incomplete loading.


This framework can handle heavy, multi-tiered websites without compromising on performance as long as you are smart when you hire a Symfony Developer. Another reason why the performance of the code is great, is easy testing. The framework has a layer that works well with testing, allowing us to gauge the performance of the code at all levels.


We developers love frameworks that make debugging easy and Symfony does just that. In the end, this helps us identify any mistakes in the code, any paths that aren’t working, and correct it. The product you get is efficient because of the powerful debugging toolbar and profiler.


They are one of the best features of Symfony2. They give us a choice. We can use the entire framework and develop a complex website. We have the option of building the website to your specifications, disregarding applications that you don’t need.

SEO Friendly URL (Routing)

The framework is perfect when the concern is finding an appropriate, attractive and an SEO friendly URL. Unlike most platforms, when a site is made on the Symfony framework the concern of an SEO friendly URL is almost finished, and what is left is just meeting other demands of SEO.

Rapid Application Development

They are one of the best feature of Symfony 2 RAD (rapid application development), it is a concept that products can be developed faster and of higher quality.

Well Maintained Coding Standards

This framework maintained coding standard in the website development, so we developers follow the same coding standard during the website development.

Ready to use Plugins or
Add-ons from Community support

This framework has a massive range of inbuilt features with respect to any new functionality. Having these already installed plugins helps the Symfony developers with the work of the website development, rather perfectly without any major complications.

Easy To Extend, Allowing for
Integration With Other Vendor Libraries

This framework allows to integrate 3rd party API’s or other vendor libraries into the application in easy way.

We have Developed

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    Social Networking

  • 25+

    Event Management

  • 20+


  • 10+

    Job Portals

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We're CMMI DEV/3 appraised, which means that our processes follow detailed, consistent steps to ensure that our projects are delivered accurately and on-time.

sales sales

We take the time to properly and carefully assess your requirements and we are there to answer your queries and concerns from the outset.

Through this initial consultation we are able to develop a scope of work for your project.


We then supply a proposal including a cost estimate and project timeline plan, for you to review. There's no pressure and we are always on-hand to answer any further questions that you might have.

When you are 100% happy with everything and confirm, the project begins.

Project project

Designs are handcrafted by our creative team - influenced by your guidance, ideas and inspiration together with industry best practice. At each stage we invite you to review the work and provide feedback.

Better user experience

Designs focus on both ease of use and attractive UI for an exceptional user experience.


Development begins when the designs are signed-off. Our amazing hard-working developers carefully yet swiftly code your project to pixel perfection.

Agile management

We adhere to Agile Alliance standards and at every stage you have project access to enable you to provide running feedback.

Delivery delivery
Quality Assurance

We perform thorough UAT testing and ensure standards compliance so that we confidently deliver a high quality product, time after time.


When your project is ready to launch we set up your live services and re-test everything, to ensure that your launch is perfect in every way.

In the unlikely event of any issues we are on hand 24/7 to respond swiftly.

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