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Healthcare Solutions to meet the ever demanding needs of the general public

These days the healthcare industry is undergoing dramatic changes whilst primarily focusing on improving the quality of care being delivered. In order to be successful within this ever demanding industry, it is essential to manage all patient medical information with an efficient management system, and most importantly with confidential security.

Here at Team In India, we use our agile IT infrastructure and our strategic initiatives, to help you to deliver a better quality of services, at affordable prices. Our team of avid developers and designers can help you to create efficient and effective business models. We make sure your requirements are met, whilst we equip your organization with the right tools to help your business truly flourish.

Why Do You Need A Digital Healthcare Solution?

...because we envision the healthcare system is yet to witness a huge change!


Patient Outcome Will Improve Technology will intelligently support long-term health management and short-term episodes of illness or injury, thus improving patient outcome


Clinical Proficiency Will Improve Professionals will be spending more time on the core competencies like treating patients, rather than wasting time on the managing processes.


Increased Productivity Administrative tasks will consume a lot less time, and processing will be more automated.


New Competencies Will Be Added New competencies will be provided to the management team.


New Coaching Skills Will Be Implemented A wider range of consulting and coaching skills will be implemented – ways in which doctors can interact with their patients.


Organizational and Professional Boundaries Will Deplete Integrated information and communication systems will dissolve many of the current divides between primary, secondary and tertiary care.

“Reap the benefits of online healthcare solutions”

More Patient Interactions

Staff will be able to spend more time with their patients and less time chasing clinical information.

Better Means of Sharing Information

Information gets shared in a more streamlined format between different sources, for example between GPs and Hospitals.

Patient’s information

Important patient information will be available instantly by means of a digital healthcare system.

Helping your patients

Helping your patients including those with chronic and complex conditions, to better manage their health.

Increased efficiencies

Increased efficiencies may help reduce the number of unnecessary repeat tests, hospitalizations and follow-up specialist visits.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Confidential patient information can only be seen by treating clinicians, this keeps patients safe and secure.

Healthcare Solutions From Team In India

Keeping the dignity of healthcare in the right hands.

Within a span of 16 years, Team In India has emerged as one of the industry leading IT companies, teaming dynamic solutions and experienced Healthcare portal developers. As an idea of the extent of our expertise, we have provided services to over 200+ clients and have developed 300+ Website and Portals, by 300+ developers. Being a global brand has enabled us to engage visitors from the US, UK, Australia, France, New Zealand and many other parts of the world.

Key Features – Providing a better service


Telemedicine & Video Calling

Doctors and patients can now be connected through phone and video-calls taking communication within healthcare to another level.


Collaboration with system

Patients will now be able to get in touch with an online healthcare system without any inconvenience, meaning help is provided when and where they need it.

Our Work In The Spotlight!

We’ve created a culture of trying things out, tackling problems without fear and delivering only what matches our quality standards.

Our work doesn’t display what we’ve created for our clients, it displays how passionate we feel to serve you. We’re a team of idealists and ideologists who gel together to deliver work that speaks for us in the longer run. We pride ourselves in being able to work closely with us, adapting our skills to your business requirements. We’ve helped a range of companies from varied industries achieve success online.

You may be a startup or an established business looking forward to doing something better, something beautiful, remember we do it differently and we do it the best!

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