What Is Staff Augmentation? Its Benefits For Your Business


Every company strives to have the best team and achieve the highest level of efficiency. It is not always possible due to deadline constraints and workforce barriers. If a business is aiming to get the best results, it is only possible with a strong team. Finding a quality team for your projects is very difficult because there are very few strong technical teams in the market.

What is Staff Augmentation?

When a business or agency lacks technical resources and outsources the project to another company outside of the team, it is called team augmentation. It is a strategy or practice used by businesses of all sizes that can help them get solutions faster. They can outsource a complete project or a part of the project. It can be a single professional or a team.

Working as a remote solution, this strategy can be the best option to consider when there are any kind of limitations with resources. IT outsourcing is very much present in every type of business and it is helping them develop solutions quicker and more efficiently.

If we talk about global companies, out of the top 2000 companies, more than 92% of them are using IT outsourcing in any form for their needs. It can fill the skill gap and provide additional knowledge to the in-house team.

Benefits of Using Staff Augmentation for Your Business

Staff augmentation comes with a ton of great benefits that can streamline the development process and cut costs. Here we are mentioning the top benefits you get if you outsource your project with a quality staff augmentation team:


For a company to hire new developers can be a time-consuming process. It can cost a lot and it is not easy to build a team for a project. It is very complicated to hire a full-time developer for a limited time so staff augmentation can help.

With staff augmentation, you can add and remove the number of developers whenever and however you want as per your project needs. It gives flexibility where you can scale up the project and speed up the process easily as per the demand.

A Skilled Team of Developers

You don't have to train the development team. With augmentation, you get the experts at what they do. When you have access to a talented pool of developers, you can be assured that there will be no issues in the development process. You can hire the best development team from remote locations across the globe with this strategy.

You can find a skilled and experienced team for your project needs by outsourcing to a professional team augmentation company. It can eliminate every issue of getting the best talent. Whether you need a fullstack developer or a team that can handle the complete lifecycle of the project, it can help.

Industry Expertise

Staff Augmentation comes with the expertise that you need. They have worked on many projects similar to yours and they can ensure you get efficient development with that. From consultation to final delivery, you can keep the hassle on them.

Having worked on thousands of projects, an augmentation team can ensure you get the best practices. You can also hire them for a limited time without investing heavily in hiring them full-time. No matter what industry you are part of, you can trust the Dotsquares developers as they have worked on every horizon.

Assured Quality

Quality is one of the most important factors in IT development. When you hire developers on outsourcing, you can rest assured that the developers will be working with precision. There are many benefits to hiring developers with a staff augmentation strategy and you can get development at a faster pace.

It is all about collaboration and you can improve the management of project delivery. It is also a great way to improve workflow with the optimal performance. Also, the development team has extensive experience, leaving no room for bugs and potential issues.

Increased efficiency

You can achieve the best shape when it comes to the cost of development. You can fill the skill gaps and reduce the cost as skill augmentation increases efficiency and completes the project faster. There is no need to wait till you hire the developers as it is possible to get started instantly with staff augmentation.

Most importantly, you can stay assured about the timely completion. There are reduced expenses as the business or agency does not have to manage the developers for a long time. It works on a till-you-need model and you can achieve the best results with IT services.

Tech Specific Developers

There are times when you need a development team that is experts in a particular tech stack. Staff augmentation is a great way to hire developers, skilled in your preferred tech stack. As the market is full of developers, finding skilled and experienced ones is not an easy task. For this, hiring developers with staff augmentation services can be the solution. 

Staff augmentation allows you to find the best talent from remote locations. When you are looking for \expertise in a specific domain and tech stack, staff augmentation offers a valuable solution. You can cut costs and enhance productivity to deliver projects faster than ever.

Get Staff Augmentation Services From Team In India

Whether you're starting a new project or facing unexpected hurdles in the existing project, augmenting a team with the right expertise can help. Whether you need an AI specialist, web developer, app developer, or QA engineer, Team In India can help you with resources that are well-versed in the technology you need. With our IT augmentation services, you can enhance productivity and get better project outcomes.

We have the perfect tools for project management so you can track the progress. Our experts manage effective communication on a regular basis to keep the process transparent at all times. You can get the best economic results with the flexible billing system. It is also easy to scale up or reduce the team whenever you need it. Want to know more? Contact our experts!

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