15 Best Chat GPT Extensions For Productivity You Should Try


After massive growth in the past couple of years, it is clear that AI will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate over the next few years. ChatGPT emerged as a front-runner in this AI race with human-like interactions and conversational features. It has become a game-changer in the industry of artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT is now being utilised in numerous business processes due to its widespread adoption in content generation & increase business productivity. There are many ChatGPT extensions and ChatGPT plugins that can help in enhancing many processes in a business. To utilise the functionality of this chatbot, you can leverage these extensions and plugins.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-based chatbot that generates conversational responses based on user prompts. It can create human-like dialogues and respond to user queries using natural language processing.

ChatGPT is similar to the automated chat services or chatbots found on customer service websites, as people can ask it questions or request clarification to ChatGPT's replies. It utilises a vast amount of training data to learn language patterns and generate human-like responses to various prompts and questions.

Developed by OpenAI, the generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) can answer questions, engage in conversations, offer recommendations, and provide information on diverse topics. It can also be used to build various applications, enhance customer support, and create interactive conversational experiences. 

How Can ChatGPT Help You?

ChatGPT can help you with various business processes, and you can create content for your website. You can use this to generate ideas and assistance for your content strategy. Additionally, it can be used for offering personalised recommendations and getting detailed knowledge about various topics.

It can be used for solving quizzes and learning programming languages. For digital marketers and, web developers, and content creators, it can increase productivity. It can help you with information in a conversational tone.

Why Go For a Chat GPT Extension?

If you want to use ChatGPT with real-time information on the web, you can utilise third-party plugins. ChatGPT extension can help you work with ChatGPT's capabilities and maximise the potential of any task. By integrating these extensions, you can tap into the latest data and updates from the web, ensuring ChatGPT stays up-to-date. 

Whether providing real-time customer support or staying current with trends, the ChatGPT extensions can help. Many ChatGPT extensions are available for all the popular browsers, including, Firefox and Google Chrome. With the best Chat GPT Chrome extensions, you can solve complex problems and generate quality content across diverse use cases.

Extensions to Boost ChatGPT and Double Your Efficiency

Here are the top 15 ChatGPT extensions to utilise if you want to increase efficiency and improve overall productivity:

1. WebChatGPT

ChatGPT has immense possibilities, but it also has some limitations. As it works with data used to train the model, ChatGPT produces responses based on information that has been pre-fed to it. Because it occasionally generates out-of-date responses, WebChatGPT can be used to get accurate and up-to-date answers. It is also possible to use it to filter time and location to get more relevant results. 

Like you can ask for the “latest online business ideas in the UK” to get the ideas that are up to date. All major search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, DuckDuckGo, etc, support it. Additionally, conversational web browsing will make browsing easy with recent events updates in answers. This free Chat GPT extension for chrome is used to get accurate results from web browsing. It has a prompt management tool which creates prompts to ease repetitive tasks.

Key features of WebChatGPT

  • You can get web results for your queries and extract webpage text from any URL.

  • You can scrape entire search engine results pages for detailed insights.

  • It comes with a one-click prompt library that makes it easy to search.

  • You can efficiently complete long tasks, including business operations like marketing, sales, operations, productivity, and customer support.

  • It has a prompt management feature where users can add repetitive tasks and increase productivity.

  • WebChatGPT also offers source links, making it easy and fast to get results.

Get: WebChatGPT

2. ShareGPT

It is a great extension if you want to share the responses you generated and the conversations you did with ChatGPT. You can share permanent links with your friends, coworkers, and loved ones using ShareGPT. After installing the ShareGPT Chrome extension, you can easily share your chats and ChatGPT links.

This extension can ease the process of sending permanent links to everyone. Even though ChatGPT now offers its share option, using ShareGPT has some advantages.

Key features to use ChatGPT

  • With a built-in discussion function, you can share and discuss a thread while keeping it together.

  • ShareGPT creates a new URL each time you click to share that chat. If you delete the original conversation from ChatGPT, you can still use the share link generated in ShareGPT.

  • ShareGPT provides added value and protections that the share feature in ChatGPT does not.

Get: ShareGPT

3. ChatGPT for Google

The ChatGPT for Google browser extension uses ChatGPT features to improve search engine results. With search engine results, users can also see ChatGPT responses with this extension. This free chatgpt extension chrome is available for all the mainstream search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

It can combine online ChatGPT responses with typical search engine outcomes to give users the most relevant results for each query. It enables the use of ChatGPT from the popup window. 

Features of ChatGPT for Google

  • It gives the option to chat with the answer received on the search engine and keep the conversation going with the relevant solutions.

  • It also has code highlight and dark mode options to personalise the answers.

  • It offers markdown rendering, and you can copy the responses to the clipboard.

  • It supports the official OpenAI API.

  • Users can provide feedback to improve ChatGPT performance.

  • It has a custom trigger mode option where you can automatically enable it on the search engine.

Get: ChatGPT for Google

4. TweetGPT

If you want to generate a tweet with AI capabilities, ChatGPT for Twitter is the best extension out there. With this chrome chat gpt extension, you can create tweets and complete tweet replies.

This offers choices for selecting the tweet's tone to produce a random tweet. Additionally, users can reply to a tweet by clicking the extension icon. You can use the extension to get random tweets and make changes as per your needs.

Features of TweetGPT

  • The ChatGPT API can create and generate customised tweets and replies for your needs.

  • Users can get personalised tweets for desired topics with inputs like language and tone.

  • It can generate thoughtful and human-like engaging tweet replies.

Get: TweetGPT

5. ChatGPT for YouTube

If you want to save time with YouTube videos, ChatGPT for YouTube extension can help. It can summarise the YouTube video in seconds and saves you time. You don't need to have a ChatGPT account to use this extension.

Users get the video summary on the YouTube player's right side. With the capabilities of ChatGPT, it is best suitable for news videos, courses, interviews, product feature introductions, etc.

Features of ChatGPT for YouTube

  • You can copy the transcript of the video in one click and use it with your document.

  • This extension quickly loads the content of the video, eliminating the need for making notes.

  • With this, you can stop wasting time watching irrelevant videos and improve the efficiency of obtaining important information from videos.

Get: ChatGPT for YouTube

6. Engage AI - OpenAI GPT For LinkedIn

LinkedIn connections are crucial for business reach and professional growth. If you want to reach more users with comments, Engage AI is the best tool available with the capabilities of ChatGPT. You can use this extension to write comments and enhance your productivity to manage social accounts on LinkedIn. You can select the tone of the statement you want to add. Additionally, this extension supports more than 20 languages.

It provides the option to edit the comment however you like before posting. It has many plans, and you can choose the best one based on your business needs. Each LinkedIn post is carefully examined by Engage AI's system, which generates interesting comments in response. Data security is also a priority for Engage AI. It uses personal data to customise the service while encrypting your data.

Features of Engage AI extension

  • It can generate insightful and relevant responses while saving you time.

  • You can archive past comments and build relationships with constant interactions.

  • You can change the tone and make your answer more captivating and creative.

  • It can be integrated with other apps, and you can also use this for CRM to improve overall reach.

Get: Engage AI

7. ChatSonic - ChatGPT with superpowers

It is one of the best ChatGPT-based Chrome extensions that can be used for email writing and social media post generation. While adding relevant information, it can help in generating quality results. It can generate AI images and increases productivity.

You can use this extension to connect with people on social media, generate content and manage communication tasks. It is compatible with Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Features of ChatSonic

  • It can simplify your email workflow so you can quickly generate custom emails and replies.

  • You can create unique LinkedIn posts and tweets with suggestions. It can also help generate relevant hashtags quickly to save time and increase engagement.

  • It can enhance customer support with personalised, quick, and accurate results.

  • You can use this to get results on the same page where you find Google search results with up-to-date information.

Get: ChatSonic

8. Promptheus - Converse with ChatGPT

If you want to write without typing, you need this extension. With Promptheus, you can talk to ChatGPT without typing and get content. You can start using this extension by spacebar and talk for faster and more fluent conversations.

In simple words, you can write anything in your language by speaking and get quality results every time, no matter what language you speak. It supports more than 40 languages and comes with custom conversation prefixes.

Features of Promptheus

  • It can improve efficiency and speed up your typing capacity.

  • You can write in multiple languages without even typing the words.

  • With this extension, you can let ChatGPT convert your voice into text and answer the query.

Get: Promptheus

9. Summarise - AI-Powered Assistance

If you have a lengthy article or text and want to summarise it to make it more precise and impactful, Summarise extension is your go-to extension. 

If you have a lengthy text content to summarise, make it more precise and impactful, then Summarise is your go-to extension. It offers comprehensive and high-quality summaries so you can boost your speed.

With reliable and accurate summaries, you can utilise AI to the maximum. You can get the main ideas of any page with one click using the Summarize extension. You can switch between open tabs quickly and focus on essential tasks by understanding everything quickly with summarised content.

Features of Summarise

  • You can use ChatGPT features to fix CSS errors and summarise website content.

  • You can post summarised results and posts on social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • You can use this for reading news blogs, technical articles, research reports, and everything.

Get: Summarise

10. Merlin AI Chatbot powered by ChatGPT API

Merlin, a free-to-use AI chatbot, is powered by GPT 4, and it can cover many tasks like answering your queries, summarising videos, writing emails, and generating pdf, to name a few. This Chrome extension can also enhance your Google search.

You can use this tool with cmd+m. It also allows responses from Google, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, and other mainstream search engines. You do not need to create an account on ChatGPT, and you can get extra features with the paid version of Merlin.

Feature of Merlin AI Chatbot

  • It gives unlimited responses for everything you need related to content.

  • You can use the DocChat feature for summarising any text or document.

  • It has a WebChat feature to summarise the text on the internet.

  • Multilingual support can be used to translate any text into multiple languages.

  • You can generate summaries for YouTube videos and blog with this chatbot to become faster.

  • It can be used for social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Get: Merlin AI

11. Superpower ChatGPT

You can use this chat gpt chrome extension if you want to manage thousands of prompts for later use and export all chats effectively. With this, you can pin messages and export all your conversations and prompts whenever you need. It has many options to assign colours to folders and drag-and-drop features to keep everything on track.

Along with chat management, you can use this extension to auto-sync and group deletion. It also covers character count. You can enable copy mode and switch models during the conversation.

Features of Superpower ChatGPT

  • With efficient chat management, you can manage folders and reorder all your chats quickly and conveniently.

  • You can keep a copy of all of your chats on your computer with automatic synchronisation. You can also limit the sync and keep only the last 100 chats.

  • It supports more than 190 languages and offers the convenience of changing the tone and writing style.

  • It also has an incognito mode option to chat with no history record.

  • You can share the prompt with the community with a single click.

  • It can be used to auto-summarise the text.

  • Superpower ChatGPT can add custom instructions.

Get: Superpower ChatGPT

12. SciSpace Copilot

It is an AI-based research assistant for understanding scientific literature. You can use it to understand everything complex as it can explain while you read. SciSpace Copilot explains the text, maths, and tables in scientific literature like a research paper and generates reports with follow-up questions.

It eliminates the need to open new tabs whenever you need to search for anything related to technology and unfamiliar concepts. With the help of Copilot, you can easily get a clear explanation. Copilot keeps track of useful information and keeps everything organised so you can get the information quickly whenever needed.

Features of SciSpace Copilot

  • It gives you a simple explanation of every technical term and jargon so you can maximise it to the fullest.

  • You can understand complex concepts more precisely as there are preset questions to choose from.

  • It can help you with maths and PDF tables in a simplified manner.

  • With more than 13 languages, you can interact and get explanations in your preferred language.

  • It also allows the option to save data in the extension by bookmarking the URL.

Get: SciSpace Copilot

13. GPT-3 Meta Descriptions

SEO is very crucial for the long-term growth of any business. You need to manage meta descriptions and meta titles for an effective SEO strategy. With this extension, you can utilise ChatGPT capabilities to get faster and more efficient with your SEO strategy.

Since the limit for meta titles is 70 characters and the limit for meta descriptions is 160 characters, it can generate the best result within the limit.

Features of GPT-3 Meta Description

  • This tool can be used to generate SEO titles and descriptions.

  • It can help add new title tags and descriptions to boost productivity by up to 80%.

  • By only entering the keywords, you can get the results for the meta title and meta description.

Get: GPT-3 Meta Descriptions

14. MaxAI.me: Use ChatGPT AI Anywhere Online

MaxAI.me is a Chrome extension that enhances productivity by providing easy access to various AI-powered tools, including ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing AI. With just one click, it can compose, rewrite, summarise, explain, and reply to text on any webpage. It eliminates the need to copy-paste, and you can get quality results.

The extension supports various applications like writing, code interpretation, web browsing, and plugins. With this, you can get codes for Java, python, C# and PHP development. It works on any website and supports multiple languages. The extension has many other features, making it a versatile and user-friendly tool. 

Features of MaxAI.me

  • It offers more than 150 one-click ChatGPT prompts for free.

  • You can use this for everything, including blog, summary, creative, and email writing.

  • You can use this extension for code highlighting and markdown rendering.

  • It can copy responses to the clipboard, and you can rephrase or improve prompts mid-journey.

Get: MaxAI.me

15. GPT-EZ ( Botrush Browser plugin for ChatGPT)

It is a ChatGPT extension that helps you add visual elements to the answers. This Botrush Browser can elevate the overall experience as it supports multiple language models. You can utilise this extension to get the best visual experience.

GPT-EZ offers an insights feature, and you can also easily share engaging conversations. It also comes with features where you can customise settings. With bare minimum permission, you can also ensure that you are not sharing all of your data.

Features of GPT-EZ

  • You can download your conversation on the ChatGPT in PDF, docx, text, png, and other formats.

  • You can share the conversations to collaborate and learn better.

  • It offers personalisation features so you can change colour and fonts as per your needs.

  • With multiple language support, you can choose the output language as per your needs.

  • You can also keep track of the length of questions and answers with the word counter.


Utilise the Best AI Tools For Your Business

Other than these top 15 tools for ChatGPT, there are many more that you can utilise to enhance the productivity of your business. The use of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence-powered tools is revolutionising the way digital marketers work. By adopting these tools for your business, you can optimise your work, boost productivity, and increase overall efficiency.

You can outshine your competitors and maximise the business potential with AI in your tasks and processes. If you want to leverage AI into your business model, immediately connect with our AI experts.

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