35 Best Startups and Online Business Ideas in UK with High Returns


Entrepreneurship is the future, and this trend is booming worldwide with unique offerings and business ideas. There is no limit to what you can achieve in digital space as the world is going tech first. With immense opportunities in the online business landscape, it is easier than ever to generate quality revenue. Investing in your business idea can make you the next big thing in your industry.

There are many business niches, and you should focus on the best ones to deliver quality to users. You can offer convenient results with your unique thinking about the products and services. You can take advantage of the online business opportunities in the UK and make yourself a name.

Online businesses provide ease of shopping to customers, and businesses have the edge to reach more potential customers across the globe. Moreover, it can also reduce the infrastructure costs. So, What are the best business ideas in the UK for online startups? If you want to start from scratch, these ideas can help you find the best solution:

Best Online Business Ideas UK

If you want to establish your business and are confused about where to begin, here are some high-paying online business ideas in the UK . With these, you can have a basic understanding of what sectors can generate quality income so that you can start your business with the best foot forward.

1. Start A Blog Or Podcast

Everyone's an expert in something, and so are you. You just need to identify it. You can launch a blog or podcast for your firm to spread the word about your expertise. With this, you can sell products and grow your fan base. Since you can monetize a blog by selling your goods, producing sponsored material, or hosting third-party advertisements, it's an excellent idea for a small online business.

  • You can build your brand in a particular niche.
  • You can create a personal and deeper connection with your audience.

2. Handmade Items e-Commerce

The trend toward handmade items is increasing and has a huge market. If you can create or want to sell handmade products, having an online store is a great idea. You can set prices at your pace and have the advantage of monetizing your craft and handicraft work. You only need a marketplace for this, or you can have your eCommerce store.

  • Compared to factory-made goods, handmade goods consume less energy and resources.

  • Handmade goods are manufactured without pollution, and you can help the environment with this.

3. Launch A Delivery Business

Many businesses need delivery partners; you can start one with minimal investment. The delivery business is an emerging trend as eCommerce continues to increase and strongly needs a delivery partner. While collaborating with big brands, you can create a brand from scratch using this startup idea in the UK.

  • With a minimal investment and a few partners, you can launch a delivery business in a niche market and expand it as needed.

  • You can work at your convenience with the freedom of delivery management.

4. Sell Your Art Online

Art is one of the most profit-making businesses. If you are an artist and want to profit from it, you can sell on various online platforms. There are many NFT marketplaces where you can sell unique art as well. Getting an online platform is the best option for selling your art. This gives your artistic work a wider reach, and you can make a business out of it. You can also promote the art on social media and attract more customers.

  • You get more exposure and can find the right audience for your business.

  • You don't have to pay third parties and go to physical exhibitions to sell your art.

5. Affiliate Marketing

You can partner with companies and collaborate with organizations to promote their products. This idea is one of the best to invest time in as it does not require any capital. You need to join the partner program, and you can earn a hefty percentage on each item sold with your referral link. Many businesses are using this program to attract entrepreneurs.

  • You can start this business at a very minimal cost, and there is very minimal loss.

  • You can achieve high ROI with a good approach which is not easy with other low-investment business models.

6. Social Media Management Services

Companies, organizations, and well-known celebrities must manage their social media profiles. Taking care of well-known people's and brands' social media accounts is a terrific idea. You can succeed and engage more users in their accounts by being creative. You can provide various services to businesses, like outreach to influencers, community management, etc.

  • You can manage the accounts of famous individuals and make your presence in influencer marketing.

  • You can reach more users and enhance the presence of your business.

7. Start Online Coaching Business

You can use that to start your business if you are knowledgeable or good at something. You can begin with in-person instruction if you're a single person wishing to launch your own business. Since there is always a need for education, this business has the potential to become highly successful very quickly. It is a great business idea, and you can also promote other services. Many professionals are doing it with one-on-one interactive sessions and group training. With this, you can also succeed with your skill set as a teacher of art, music, or sports.

  • You don't need to have any budget for infrastructure costs as you can manage it all online.

  • Scalability and wider audience as compared to traditional coaching methods.

8. Start A Third-Party Recruitment Business

It is a very complex process, and it is challenging for businesses to find the right candidate at the right time. You can assist businesses in selecting the best applicants for their open vacancies. It is a fantastic business concept that requires little capital. You only need a healthy user flow and the ability to charge a commission or fixed price for introducing a candidate.

  • You can get to know more about industries and candidates.

  • It can be very useful, and you can have a robust database to help companies and job seekers.

9. Start A Travel Business

Everyone loves to travel, and every place has something to explore. You can start a travel business in your local or nearby popular area. It is one of the best businesses in the UK, as the tour will only increase here. You can start your business and offer customized packages to attract customers initially.

  • You can earn a hefty commission on every trip with just quality management.

  • It is an ever-evolving business as more and more users are going to travel every year.

10. Catering Business

If you are passionate about food, catering is the best business idea. It is a never-ending business, as food will always be needed. You can get high returns with it. You can serve large gatherings like corporate meetings and weddings to make profits. Building connections is crucial to this business, so you can connect with more people to start it and get early results.

  • You can choose the working hours and every aspect of your operation in this business.

  • You can work on your passion for the food business and manage only limited businesses while ensuring quality initially.

11. Babysitting Business

Many professionals and housewives are concerned about childcare. You can start a business providing nannies to care for their children. You can start this business in your local area and launch it nationwide with a digital platform like an app or a website. After verifying their backgrounds, you must check their identities and hire nannies.

  • You can set up this business and scale it by building credibility.

  • You can improve your organizational skills and invest in other businesses in the future.

12. E-Commerce Store

The online retail industry is one of the biggest business sectors. It is constantly growing and is not showing any signs of slowing down soon. You can have a user-friendly eCommerce platform for your business to sell products. If you want to save on maintenance and infrastructure costs, eCommerce is a great way to reduce the costs of brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, it can give you huge returns as you can reach your customers directly without any third-party retailer.

  • You can reach more users globally and expose your business to a wider audience.

  • It can help in reducing maintenance and operational costs.

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13. Make A Marketplace For Local Businesses

Numerous enterprises in your neighbourhood demand recognition. You can encourage entrepreneurship in your local area by setting up a market for local firms. You can help businesses use a website or an app to sell goods. It is the best way to provide services to local businesses in the marketplace. Every firm that wants to expand its offerings online can use this.

  • These businesses are scalable and have great earning potential.

  • You can encourage your regional entrepreneurs and build lasting relationships in your locality.

14. Warehousing

Starting a warehousing business is a great idea. The logistics and eCommerce industries live and die by this concept, which can be a great way to generate quality income. You just need to offer storage and manage the distribution of the goods. You can succeed in this market with proper procedures and maintenance, which has huge potential.

  • You can improve workflow and manage faster shipping to increase customer satisfaction.

  • You can manage strong relationships with big brands to help your business in the long run.

15. Car And Bike Rental

The rental industry can be quite profitable if you live in a megacity or a city with plenty of tourists. You can connect with local people and use their vehicles to start your business while giving them a source of income. With the help of an online platform, you can offer flexible transportation options. This business has great growth potential and can perform well during peak travel days.

  • It is one of the fastest-growing businesses and has great future potential.

  • A bike or car rental business has low initial costs, and there is no need for a team to get started.

16. Language Learning Platform

Everyone wants to know multiple languages and enhance their overall personality. You can offer paid online courses to learners all across the globe and teach them the language you know. It can pay well if you know foreign languages. You can contact and collaborate with universities to provide lectures as well. You can start working on this idea online with a computer and an internet connection.

  • You can reach users worldwide and explore more options for income.

  • You don't need to have any infrastructure cost for this.

17. Customized Gift Business

The gift business idea can be used to connect with a wider audience in the UK. You can provide personalized gifts and deliver them quickly to match the growing demands of the users. You can offer services on eCommerce marketplaces, have a secure eCommerce platform, or do both. There is always a demand for personalized items, and you can set them up without any heavy investments.

  • You can start small and manage this business on your own.

  • There is no need to have a physical store to start this business.

18. Personality Development Services

Everyone wants to project their best possible image and knows that looking confident is the key. You can take this idea and start a personality styling business. You can suggest outfits and give recommendations to clients based on their lifestyles and needs. You can achieve great heights in this business with your knowledge of industries and society.

  • You get networking opportunities with this, and it allows flexible options as you can provide services worldwide from remote locations.

  • The demand for personality development courses is increasing, making this business idea future-proof.

19. Interior Design Services

The interior plays a very important role in any infrastructure. You can launch a website and provide virtual interior design services across the UK. You can also offer in-person interior design services in your locality. The service range is wide; you can offer consultation, space planning, and execution. Offering personalized solutions can benefit you and is a great tactic to grow with market needs.

  • The demand is growing, and this business gives you creative liberty.

  • You can manage your work life and run at your pace with the flexibility it offers.

20. Event Planning Services

If you love hosting parties, this business idea is for you. With this, you can start virtual event planning. You can offer management services everywhere, like corporate events, wedding ceremonies, private parties, etc. With your event management, organizational, and communication skills, you can easily start your business.

  • You can use your creativity to design unique events that reflect your customer preferences.

  • It is an in-demand business model and comes with many networking opportunities.

21. Home Cleaning Services

Home cleaning services are also a great idea to invest in, as more and more households are looking for a reliable home cleaning and housekeeping company in the UK. You just need a website and a well-structured team to offer your services. You can generate greater revenue with a great team or cleaning partners.

  • It can be started with a low budget and has one of the most in-demand service categories.

  • Most customers are repetitive, which gives this business a high value.

22. Online Fitness Training

If you are a fitness expert, you can start a fitness industry business to move towards a healthy life. You can develop a mobile app to provide fitness and nutrition programs online and establish your business in the UK. With customized plans and coaching, you can attract more users. With this, you can care for your health and turn your passion into income.

  • You can make this business with minimal investment and get huge returns.

  • You can work flexible hours and choose the batches at your convenience.

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23. Legal Document Preparation Services

Every business needs proper legal documents to start a business. It is a great way to help clients find the best solutions in one place. You can offer consultation about what a business needs and how to get the document quickly. You need to have legal knowledge, and you can help your clients prepare legal paperwork before they start a business.

  • It has high demand as every business needs legal documents.

  • It has no startup cost; you can start this business with just your knowledge.

24. Pet Grooming Services

The number of pet owners is increasing, and it is one of the best online business ideas in the UK. Pet care is a very important aspect of the daily lives of people with pets, and it is a profit-making business. With a digital platform, you can offer pet grooming in many areas. Training your team for grooming is vital; you can hire professionals, and it can help your business go big in no time.

  • This business is on the rise, and you can earn hefty profits with scalability.

  • There is a very good number of repetitive customers, and it makes this business long-term.

25. Online Customised Clothing Services

Whether you are a music or sports lover, the goods industry is booming. This concept can be used to provide a line of personalized apparel. You only need a solid grasp of fashion design and manufacturing procedures to establish this firm. You can provide your customers a wonderful experience catered to their interests through custom-fit clothing and customized printing.

  • This business can be started from home and needs no physical store.

  • You can reach a wider audience worldwide and enhance your business presence.

26. Marketplace For Second-Hand Items

Many customers prefer cheaper options and look for used or second-hand products. You can use this as a business concept and establish a market. By doing this, you can give folks a place to buy and trade second-hand products. Users can purchase goods at a discount while you earn a sizable profit by adding a commission to every trade.

  • You can sell a wide range of products while being environmentally friendly.

  • It has a low establishment cost, and you can reach a global user base.

27. Virtual Assistance Services

Every business aims to be the best possible, and you can help them become that with virtual assistance. With these services, you can offer your service to every business scale, from startups to other business models. If you can provide virtual assistance, it can give your business global exposure.

  • With this, you can reach a global user base and help businesses grow with your expertise.

  • This business needs no team and can work on your own.

28. Online Business Consulting Services

Everyone wants to start a business, and entrepreneurship is on the rise. You might launch an internet resource for startup ideas with little investment. You can provide marketing plans and consulting services to businesses and help them succeed. It can be terrific if you are familiar with the user niche and business operations.

  • It is a high-demand business area, and you can deliver your services to various industries.

  • You can charge at your pace and build a personal brand with this.

29. Photography Business

Photography is one of the most profit-making businesses. If you have photography skills, you should use them to build your own business. It would help to have quality equipment and a website to mark your digital presence with a photography business. You need to keep improving your craft and have a portfolio of your previous work for this business to succeed. It has many genres, and you can select your favourite genre, like sports, wildlife, real estate, event photography, etc.

  • You can turn your passion into a hobby using your skills.

  • This business doesn't need a strong team, and it gives you flexible working options.

30. Drop Shipping Business

If you have a low budget and want to build a business from scratch, dropshipping is one of the best ideas for an online business. There is no need to maintain inventory in this type of business, as you are not responsible for manufacturing or shipping. Moreover, you don't need to hire a store manager, and you can easily help with eCommerce orders.

  • You do not need to manage inventory, and this business has a minimal risk factor.

  • This business requires a low budget and gives you flexible options.

31. Content Writing Services

If you are good with words, then you can try your hand at providing content writing services. It is one of the most in-demand skills you can turn into a business. With this, you can also give employment to writers and make profits with words.

  • It requires no infrastructure, and you can run it on your own.

  • This business is one of the most in-demand and has great future potential.

32. Virtual Thrift Shop

A virtual thrift store is one of the best ideas to invest in. With this, you can sell used goods like furniture, books, vintage objects, clothing, or anything else. You can enable customers to sell their used goods on an online marketplace for thrift and make commissions with every sale.

  • You can start this business with low investment, and it gives you flexible options.

  • It is a growing business, and you can offer budget-friendly goods to customers worldwide.

33. Digital eBook Library

Books are very important for the growth of society. It is a never-ending business area; you can invest in this idea with a unique touch using a digital method. Every book comes in digital format, and you can create a digital library. It is an easy profit-making business, as users don't need to purchase a book. They can get the book from the library with minimal charges, and you can generate quality revenue with this.

  • You can start this business with a small capital investment and build a community of readers.

  • These books give the best experience to users and can be downloaded quickly, giving them an extra edge over traditional books.

34. eBay Selling

EBay selling is the best option if you want a platform with millions of users on day one of establishing your digital business. With this, you can put your products on sale straightforwardly. eBay is not limited to one product type; you can sell any item there.

  • There is very less digital infrastructure cost as eBay itself sets everything up.

  • You can reach your maximum potential quickly as this business has millions of active users.

35. Graphics Designing

If you are creative and good at expressing your ideas digitally, the graphic design business is for you. This idea can help you inspire and captivate users using your graphics. You just need a good portfolio, and tons of opportunities will be waiting for you.

  • You can work with multiple industries and get exposure to all types of businesses.

  • This business idea helps you use your creative freedom to express yourself better.

How To Start An Online Business UK

After going through these ideas, it is now clear that there are plenty of ideas you can work on to establish your business. All the above ideas need a website or an application to succeed and reach more users. You only need determination, a great digital platform, and a good marketing approach.

You can implement your vision on a robust digital platform with a strong strategy and process. Before starting, you can learn about the business's prospects and current demand. The first thing you need to do is conduct extensive research. Doing so lets you know every possible outcome and get your business up and running in no time.

You need to have a team if there is any requirement for it. These startup ideas in the UK can work with a minimal workforce. After verifying their backgrounds, you just need to choose the delivery partners and hire service providers. This lets you mark your online presence and run your business quickly.

After this, you need to have a budget to match the requirements of the business. The above ideas require little capital, but you must have a website. You should contact expert web developers for this process. Moreover, after the website development, you need to consider marketing to get results quickly.

If you are still wondering how to set up an online business, consider marketing. It is an essential aspect of any successful business. It would help if you had a strong social media presence for growth. Social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and pay-per-click advertising are some digital marketing strategies you can use to promote your business.

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What Are The Legal Requirements For Starting An Online Business In The UK

If you are starting a business in the UK or elsewhere, you must adhere to all legal requirements. You must register your business with the government and follow all the standards to avoid legal trouble.

You should meet a variety of conditions before you can officially register your business with the local government. Before legalizing your business there with the required documentation, you should be aware of the following formal requirements for conducting business in the UK:

Compliance with local regulations

You must abide by local business regulations before you launch a business. In the UK, you need to comply with GDPR. It increases protection and control over the customer's data. You must adhere to this by being open and honest about the consumer information you utilize.

Regulation of electronic communications and privacy

To start a business in the UK, you must abide by GDPR. It improves the security and administration of the customer's data. By being frank and truthful about the customer information you use, you must abide by this.

EC directive regulation

You can monitor activity on your digital platform using cookies and client data. You cannot use any data for any unlawful activity, as per the EC Directive Regulation Act. You must inform them if you use cookies.

The consumer protection regulation

You must defend a customer's rights if you are interacting with them. Returns and refunds are made simple by this law. Customers in the UK have at least 14 days to return or cancel their order.

How To Register Online Business In the UK

Although registering a business in the UK is a difficult process, this is the procedure to make it seem simple. Choosing the type of business you wish to register is the first step. Your firm can be set up as a partnership, a limited company, or a sole proprietorship.

You need to choose a name for your business and check that it is not already used. Once you have chosen a name, you must register it with the government. Moreover, you need to choose an official address for your business. You can also choose your home address if you are just starting and don't have proper office infrastructure.

You also need to create a memorandum and articles of association, which are legal documents that outline how your business will be run. Moreover, using a unique Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code, you can define the nature of your company.

Now you need a bank account. With this, you can send a payment for trading and receive it from customers. With this, you can successfully register your business in the UK.

Checklist For Online Or E-Commerce Business In The UK (Things You Need)

Complying with legal and regulatory requirements when starting a business is crucial. If you are still confused about how to start a small online business UK, you can get help from experts with website or app development. Here is the process of setting up an eCommerce development business:

Identify Your Niche And Target Audience

When you launch your eCommerce business in the UK, deciding on your target market and niche is critical. To decide what goods or services to offer and the level of competition in that market, conduct market research. You must determine your target market and comprehend their purchasing patterns, tastes, and problems. You can use this information to make your goods, marketing plans, and customer experiences more audience-specific.

Choose A Business Name And Register Your Company

The next step is picking a business name and registering your firm once you've determined your market niche and target market. Choose a name that accurately represents your company's image and line of goods. Create a Companies House account for your business and, if necessary, acquire a VAT number. This guarantees that your company is legitimate and is regarded as such by the UK government.

Build An Estore

An essential first step in launching an eCommerce business is website development. You must select a website platform like Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce. Make sure the layout and style of your website reflect your brand. To make sure potential clients can find and use your website quickly, optimize it for mobile users and search engines (SEO).

Set Up Payments And Shipping

Setting up payment and shipping methods is essential for your eCommerce business. You must choose a secure and convenient payment gateway that works in the UK, like PayPal or Stripe. Along with this, you should also ensure that your shipping provider is reliable. Moreover, you can decide on shipping rates and options that work for you and your customers. You can offer free shipping or same-day delivery.

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Inventory Management

You want to run your eCommerce business at peak speed at all times. For this, you need to manage supply according to demand. It is a hectic task, and keeping it streamlined is very tough. There is also a need for proper warehouse management so you can keep the goods in good condition.


If you want to go far with your services or products in your industry, you need proper marketing for your website. You can attract many customers and grow your business with a proper approach. There are many channels for marketing, like social media, email marketing, and paid advertising. With this, you can promote your brand on the market. You can offer discounts and promotions to attract customers to buy from you. Additionally, you can consider partnering with influencers or bloggers in your niche to increase visibility.

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