How to Create a Landing Page that Drives Conversions


The landing page for any website is very crucial. Creating a page to bring traffic that converts is one of the most important digital marketing strategies for business.

A page that can quickly grab the visitor's attention and keep them longer than usual always helps the marketing and boosts sales.

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Here are some of the things to consider and work on to create a landing page that can convert.

Work for the audience

The main motive of the landing page is to bring the audience to the page, which will help increase sales. Know your potential audience and work on what they will need from your business.

A landing page can either be used to generate leads or to drive sales. Proper optimization on the page can also increase the chances of repeating customers.

Add a clear CTA

A call-to-action is a very useful tool to generate leads. Landing page creators focus on CTA and make it unique to stand out on a page. Popular CTA like download, get now, submit, hurry up, etc. are used frequently by the landing page creators.

Adding a lead form is one of the best practices to add CTA and bring potential customers to the business. Contact information gathered from the lead forms can also be used for future communications with potential customers.

Clear and precise headline

A headline is the first thing that users read on any page. A headline that is benefit-focused will keep the visitor on the page longer than usual. If the landing page is worth their time and value, there are high chances of conversion. A catchy headline will always help big-time traffic.

An image with useful information targeting potential clients is also a good practice. It can be used to show the most useful part for the audience.

Write a great copy

A copy that is appealing and precise can be very helpful in building the page in such a manner that engages the visitors. Many visitors make up their minds to invest in products and services after reading the compelling copy on a landing page.

It should cover all the main points and give a sense of benefit to the user. Social proofs can also be added to make it more catchy and persuade users to convert. A killer headline increases the chances of engagement that leads to conversions.

Give discounts and offers

Giving discounts and offers is also one of the best strategies to bring conversion from a landing page. Many brands use the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) tactic to generate larger sales from the visitors.

Relevant offers and exchange services are useful for keeping the engagement on a page. It should address the issues and demands of the visitors and how it is affecting them.

Only ask for what you need

A lead form or information gathering link should only ask for what is needed for future references. Asking for extra and irrelevant information from visitors can only increase the bounce rate.

Keeping the lead form short and less time taking will always help. The only required information is name and contact information. Adding a thank you note after form submission is also very helpful as it can be used in relevant content on the website.

Avoid adding navigation links on the landing page

Adding extra external or internal links on the page is also a bad practice as it can only divert the visitor from the actual page

It is very much needed to keep them on the page and make them reach the CTA button. An ideal landing page that is intended to generate leads and drive sales should not have any navigation link.

SEO-optimized landing page

The speed of the landing page is also one of the primary factors in creating a landing page that brings relevant traffic.

There are several ways to bring the audience to the landing page but organic results from search engines can be very helpful for conversions. The use of keywords on the page can be helpful in the long run.

Adding reviews and testimonials

Making the visitors believe that the products and services are genuine is also a very tough task. For a better understanding, a landing page can contain product descriptions and guides.

Adding reviews and video testimonials from previous clients is also a healthy practice that can be followed to drive conversion through the landing page. Proof from clients is a big psychological factor that drives sales.

The appearance of the page

The appearance of the landing page is also a big factor that can make or break deals. There are plenty of competitors to grab the attention of potential clients.

To stand out, a landing page should be designed properly with adequate color and contrast to achieve the goal of getting conversions. A user-friendly page with fewer complications always wins in these cases.

How to structure a landing page properly

The formatting of the landing page is common and it is followed to make the most impact on the future user base. Here are some of the key elements of a landing page:

  • Headline

    It is used to add a catch so users read further.
  • Image

    It is used to increase relevance to the target audience.
  • Lead Form

    It is used to gather information from the visitor.
  • CTA button

    It is used to bring quick action to a landing page.
  • Copy

    It is used to increase engagement.
  • Description

    It is used to give complete detail about the campaign, product, or services.

Create a landing page that converts!

Landing pages are used to attract customers and promote products by either offering discounts or inviting them to events. It is also used to achieve target and lead generation by capturing contact information.

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