10 Must-Have Features for a Successful Business Mobile App


In today's competitive eCommerce landscape, it's essential to invest in mobile app development that incorporates advanced features to establish a strong presence in the marketplace. With over 48% of digital shoppers prioritising app features and responsiveness, it's clear that assessing eCommerce store credibility depends on these aspects. Having the right features is vital for success.

These features make your app user-friendly and guide customers through their buying journey, providing them with a seamless and enjoyable experience. If you need help deciding which features to prioritise for your eCommerce app, consider some of the best features recommended for 2024 to ensure your app meets your customers' needs and helps drive conversions.

Must-Have Features for a Successful Business Mobile App

1. Offline Functionality

When you create an app, think about whether it needs the internet to work. If it does, people can connect with your brand online. But it's also important to make sure your app works even when there's no internet. There are times when people might not be able to connect, such as in crowded places or on public transportation. By implementing features like data storage locally, this concern can be addressed. Making your app work offline while keeping it safe is really important, so find the right balance between the two.

2. Multiple Payment Options

Simplifying the customer payment process is paramount for success in your mobile store. If a customer can't use their preferred way to pay, they might not continue their purchase, which means we could lose sales. Therefore, offering a variety of payment options is a strategic move.

While ensuring compatibility with major credit and debit cards is essential, incorporating additional payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay enhances convenience and security. This approach accommodates users' diverse preferences, and fosters trust in your app. Additionally, integrating alternative payment options addresses concerns about sharing credit card details, boosting sales and customer satisfaction. Even if customers possess a Visa card, having additional payment options like PayPal or Apple Pay can instil confidence and encourage them to complete their transactions securely.

3. App Performance Optimisation

Improving app performance is crucial for making sure users have a smooth and enjoyable experience. This means making the app load quickly, making animations run smoothly, and managing resources efficiently.

Users want apps to load fast. If an app takes too long, they might give up on it. So, having smooth animations and transitions is really important to keep users happy.

Efficient resource management is also key. This stops the app from using up too much memory or battery, which can make it run better and keep users satisfied. If an app uses too much of their device's resources, people might delete it.

4. Social media integration

Social media integration is a significant feature in retail tech, offering numerous benefits for eCommerce businesses. Integrating social media into your business app lets users quickly log in, register, and share product details.

This feature also allows users to share discount codes or promotional campaigns on their social media platforms, increasing brand awareness and potentially driving more sales. Additionally, users can share their achievements unlocked within the app, further promoting your brand and enhancing engagement.

5. Voice And Image Search

Incorporating voice and image search options for apps reliant on search functions adds flexibility and convenience for users. These technologies, driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, enable users to search using voice commands or images. Your app developer can implement image recognition features or AI chatbots to assist users with search queries and responses from the database.

A prime example is Amazon's mobile app, which allows users to scan a product, search for it online, and add it to their cart. This feature enhances the user experience by offering flexibility, convenience, and speed. For those looking to enhance their app experience, consider hiring mobile app developers in the UK.

6. One-touch Customer Support

Accessing customer support should be straightforward and hassle-free for users. Nobody enjoys navigating through complex processes to get assistance. Whether querying an order, checking on something, or expressing a concern, reaching support should be effortless.

Incorporating a fast chat with a natural person or a helpful chatbot provides users with immediate assistance, akin to a comforting assurance. Imagine having a chat bubble or support icon readily available throughout the app, offering support whenever needed. Some apps even provide additional contact options like phone numbers and emails under a 'Contact Us' section, ensuring users have multiple avenues to seek help. Simplifying being heard and receiving assistance is critical to providing a seamless and satisfactory user experience.

7. App Security Measures

In today's digital age, app security is paramount due to growing data privacy and security threats. Implementing effective security measures is essential to prevent unauthorised access, safeguard sensitive user information, and maintain the integrity of user transactions. These measures also protect against malicious attacks such as malware or phishing, which can undermine your app's functionality and trustworthiness.

Robust security measures enhance your app's reputation and build user trust. Users are more likely to use and recommend an app they perceive as safe and secure. Therefore, investing in app security is a necessity and a strategic business decision.

8. Multi-device Synchronisation

Multi-device synchronisation ensures consistency in the appearance and functionality of your application across various devices. This feature allows users to sync and store selected information from their device, ensuring it remains accessible and consistent across multiple devices. When users install the app on a new device, all previously held information is retrieved, maintaining its original format and accessibility. This seamless synchronisation enables users to access their data effortlessly across different devices, enhancing user experience and convenience.

9. Personalisation and Customisation

Personalisation and customisation have become increasingly popular in recent years and are projected to remain highly desirable features in 2024.

Users now expect apps to tailor their experience to suit their preferences, requirements, and behaviours, providing them with a personalised journey.

For instance, music and video streaming apps can offer personalised recommendations based on a user's listening or viewing history. Similarly, e-commerce apps can showcase customised offers or discounts based on a user's past purchase behaviour.

10. A Feedback System

Listening to end-users helps you stay informed about their preferences and needs, enabling you to respond effectively and improve your app accordingly. A responsive feedback system fosters user engagement and enhances the overall user experience.

Your app must include a feedback system that allows users to provide their input quickly. This system should enable users to report bugs, suggest new features, or offer criticism quickly and conveniently. In return, it's crucial to acknowledge and consider their feedback.

And it's a Wrap!

Nowadays, shoppers have transcended geographical and language barriers. They gravitate towards platforms that offer convenience, value for money, and an exceptional shopping experience.

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