10 Most Secure Programming Languages 2024


The world of technology is full of programming languages for digital infrastructure development. There are plenty of coding languages to choose from for website or app development. Many business owners often make the mistake of going with a language that is poor when it comes to security. If you choose a programming language that has some vulnerabilities, it can leave you with performance issues.

Security should be your utmost concern because it is the only thing that your online business is dependent on. It is not like you can choose any language and get a secure platform, but it is about what type of platform you are building.

Top 10 Coding Languages for Development

Are you thinking of making your online presence and confused about which language to choose? There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a language but security is one of the primary concerns. Here is a list of the top 10 coding languages in 2024 to make the process of final selection easier for you.

1. Java

It is one of the oldest programming languages in the world right now. With top-tier security features, it is preferred by many top organisations across all industries. It has a strong community and comes with regular improvements. Java has built-in security features to keep applications secure.

What makes Java Secure

  • Java has strong exception-handling features which make it secure and handle errors effectively.
  • Java is secure with development as it has the option to control the access of developers. It provides multiple access modifiers with development tools. You can find four types of options with development which are private, public, protected, and default.

How Java is Staying Secure:

Java has updated the security of code with beefed-up memory protection. It will keep the code safe so malware can not ruin the code.

Where Java is used best:

You can build secure backend systems and authorisation frameworks using Java. It can be used for Android app development as well.

2. Python

When you are looking for a programming language, you should look for its demand. Factors like reliability and simplicity should be considered along with security. Python tops in this regard and is used on a wide scale for web development, data analysis, and modern technology.

What Makes Python Secure

  • It has many libraries to make development easy and keep it secure.
  • Python syntax is readable which makes it productive and helps with code maintenance.
  • The Python core team regularly releases new updates and security patches to keep it in the best shape with no potential security vulnerability.

How Python is Staying Secure:

Python has updated security so you can secure your sensitive information. It got better with improved data flow and smooth development after the new update.

Where Python is used best:

If you want to enable automation in your system, Python is the best. You can use this for security automation, data analysis, and web application security.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript has several security features to reduce potential threats in web development. Secure coding practices like input validation and avoiding global variables make it better by reducing vulnerabilities like Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and injection attacks. The Same-Origin Policy (SOP) feature in JavaScript restricts requests to different domains. It has a Content Security Policy (CSP) which enables whitelisting trusted sources.

What Makes JavaScript Secure

  • When there is any need for creating a server-side application, JavaScript brings responsiveness with security.
  • Using HTTPS ensures secure data transmission and anti-CSRF tokens protect against Cross-Site Request Forgery.
  • It has many frameworks that are asynchronous in nature, making it more secure than most of the front-end development technologies.

How JavaScript is Staying Secure:

JavaScript helps you decide what goes into the website sandbox. You can keep unwanted characters out with the new update.

Where JavaScript is used best:

You can use JavaScript to implement security features like user input validation, cross-site scripting (XSS) prevention, and secure coding practices in web applications.

4. Kotlin

It is used in Android app development which helps in the development of innovative and efficient applications of every complexity. Whether you are looking for a tech stack for server-side development or cross-platform development, Kotlin can be a secure option to consider.

What Makes Kotlin Secure

  • Its smooth interoperability with Java makes it one of the most secure programming languages.
  • It reduces boilerplate code which makes it secure and enhances performance.
  • Kotlin has many features to limit common errors to enhance code reusability. It also has a feature for null safety.
  • With concise syntax, Kotlin helps with writing secure code to enhance readability.

How Kotlin is Still Secured:

Kotlin ensures no empty boxes cause crashes with the new version. You can secure apps for both Android and iOS and prevent any potential downtimes.

Where Kotlin is used best:

Kotlin is one of the best for any type of Android app development with security and robustness. It can be used for payment processing and IoT applications.

5. Swift

For iOS app development, Swift is one of the secure programming languages to consider. It is great with performance and that is why it is used by many big names in every industry. Swift can also be used for macOS app development. For app development, it will be a prominent name as the market of Apple is increasing worldwide.

What Makes Swift Secure

  • Swift has a great memory management mechanism that makes it secure for app development. It also reduces common programming errors.
  • Whether you need options or type safety features, Swift is a great option for your needs.
  • When it comes to secure development in the Apple ecosystem, it is one of the best programming languages.

How Swift is Staying Secure:

Swift has introduced an ID check to ensure there are no fake users. It also added pointer protection for memory to avoid threats.

Where Swift is used best:

If you want to build a secure iOS application or network security app, Swift should be your top choice. You can use this for payment apps and security authentication apps.

6. C++

It is a top name to choose for digital development because of features like versatility, efficiency, and performance. With its object-oriented programming nature, it has low-level memory manipulation. This language is very fast and used by many businesses across the globe for various uses.

What Makes C++ Secure

  • It is used in cybersecurity and network protocols to help with security in web and app development.
  • It is easy to build secure 2D and 3D video games as C++ is used in the popular Unreal Engine game development.
  • It is very good with embedding systems and is used in modern technologies like IoT, microservices, automation, etc.
  • C++ have an ecosystem of secure libraries and tools.

How C++ is Staying Secure:

The C++ community have developed a system code for improving security. It has better tools to write code and memory detectives to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Where C++ is used best:

When security is a top consideration, C++ is used for embedded systems. It is used for malware analysis and critical security applications.

7. PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used for web development. You can create interactive pages and websites using this secure coding language. With simplicity and scalability, PHP comes with many in-built security features. It is very straightforward to manage every type of digital content using this language.

What Makes PHP Secure

  • PHP is compatible with various platforms and databases which makes it a secure tech stack to choose from.
  • It is a top choice for CMS development. Many secure CMSs like WordPress and Drupal are built on this programming language.
  • It has many secure and robust frameworks so you can choose CodeIgniter or Laravel development for secure development.

How PHP is Staying Secure:

PHP keeps releasing updates to improve security and it has also upgraded communication channels with encryption methods.

Where PHP is used best:

PHP is used for secure CMS and e-commerce development. Many applications use PHP codebase for legacy code migration as well.

8. R

It is an open-source programming language that you can trust as a secure name for development needs. It is powerful and used for data science and statistical analysis by businesses of every scale. It has a rich ecosystem of packages that makes it easy to manipulate data and use it for predictive analysis.

What Makes R Secure

  • It has packages that can be used to hash passwords.
  • It offers secure communication because of an easy mechanism for data transfer.
  • With many applications for IoT and VR, it is used in every modern tech space because of secure data analysis features.

How R is Staying Secure:

R language protects the data and keeps it protected with a website builder that is safe and sound as compared to other languages.

Where R language is used best:

You can use R to analyse cyber threat analysis and risk assessment. You can also use this to understand the incident response and keep data secure.

9. Golang

It is an open-source and one of the most secure programming languages in 2024 from Google. It is very simple to use and delivers efficient performance with top-quality support. It is very secure and there are many businesses that are using it for daily operations. It is also used in cloud-native application development. You can write code with this and use it on various systems as it is cross-platform compatible.

What Makes Go Secure

  • It is a compiled language that converts code to machine code before execution. It makes it secure and tough for developers to find vulnerabilities.
  • It is tough to reverse the code with the Go programming language.
  • As it is backed by a strong team of tech giant Google, you can find regular security advancements.
  • Go has a concurrency feature that makes it easy for network applications and distributed systems.

How Golang is Staying Secure:

Golang has developed pre-built templates for customisation for various situations where you can get quality outcomes.

Where Golang is used best:

It is best if you want to build an app on cloud technology. It is one of the top considerations for DevOps and Microservice architecture in development.

10. Ruby

It is one of the best technologies to choose if you are looking for a secure option for web or app development. Ruby is very productive and streamlines the development process. It is a helpful tech stack when you need a cost-effective and low-cost tool for development.

What Makes Ruby Secure

  • It has many built-in features to enhance the security of your platform and protect against potential cyberattacks.
  • Ruby provides simplified session management and cookie handling.
  • With a password encryption feature, you can ensure the security of your digital platform. You can also manage authorisation with this.
  • It has a feature where you can store the session data on the server side to eliminate the risk of sensitive data leakage.

How Ruby is Staying Secure:

It has a secure debugger and memory management tools to eliminate bugs so users can work reliably and secure libraries for development.

Where Ruby is used best:

For secure web development and network security tool needs, Ruby can be preferred. It can also be used for penetration testing and security research.

Choose Expertise for Web Development

No matter what programming language you choose, the primary concern should be security. If you go with a programming language that is secure and is constant with releasing updates, you should go for that.

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