How To Patent A Mobile App Idea? (Secure Your Million Dollar Idea)


Do you have an application idea that is worth millions? Patent your idea before anyone else can get a similar idea. You can make profits and build a business with that app idea. You need to follow a proper procedure to establish your app in the legal system. It is crucial for your uniqueness and if you want to build a unique identity for your business.

When you protect your original app idea, you get exclusive rights to secure the app with creativity just the way you like. Once you have that patent, you can start the app development process and build a business on that. Whether you're a business owner, app developer, or entrepreneur, you need to protect your intellectual property to bring your app idea to the business world.

What is Mobile Application Patenting?

Patenting a mobile app means legally protecting your idea. Unique features and creativity of the app are part of the patent. This can be used, sold, or licenced by the owner for some time. For an application idea to get a patent, it needs to meet specific requirements. The idea should be unique, practical, and not copied from any existing idea.

The process of patenting an app can be time-consuming as there can be challenges with researching the originality of the idea. The app idea should not violate the existing patents. There can be challenges with submitting the proper documents for the patent application and how to respond to the challenges raised by the patent examiner.

Eligibility Check: Is Your App Idea Ready for Patenting?

Before you apply for the app patent, it is essential to know if your app is eligible for a patent or not. With this, you can save time and ensure you will get your patent. Here are some of the things to know about app idea patent eligibility:

  • Your mobile app concept must be original. If it has been made public in any form previously, it may not be eligible for patent protection.
  • The app idea should be more than just copying or replicating existing tools or processes.
  • When you choose a mobile app, it should have a clear and practical purpose to fulfil some demand.
  • Your app idea should have information and technical elements to stand out. With the original idea, you should also add algorithms and data management so you can get the best value out of your app.

Benefits of Patenting a Mobile Application Idea

Before patenting, you should know there are plenty of benefits that come with it. When you patent an app, it is not guaranteed that it is safe against all types of infringement. Still, it gives you an edge and stops others from stealing your original idea and the features that you have patented. It can make your business have a strong footprint. Here are some of the benefits of patenting a mobile app idea:

  • When you file for a patent, you protect your idea legally. It protects it from others to create or market on that idea.
  • You can get a competitive edge, attract more business partners, and earn investments with the reliability of a patent.
  • Once patented, you can sell or license the app idea for other businesses to earn money.
  • You can establish your reputation by the patent, and it makes marketing your app accessible.
  • You can safeguard the intellectual property of your app idea with the patent for up to 20 years after applying. It adds longevity to your app idea.

How to Patent a Mobile Application Idea? Step By Step Guide

Patenting an app can be a very time-consuming process. You need to have a strong strategy and proper documentation for your app development idea to get patented. Here is the complete guide on how you can get started with an app idea patent:

1. Choose the Patent Type

First of all, you need to choose the type of patent you need. With this, you can ensure the best structure to determine the type of patent you need for your mobile application. You can choose either of three utility patents, design patents or plant patents. These patents are granted for 14-20 years.

2. Conduct Deep Research for Patents

It would help if you researched to make the best choice for patenting your app idea. If a similar idea is patented, it can be challenging to make it patented for you. It can ensure that you avoid any legal consequences. When you have done your research, it can be straightforward to get started on patenting your application idea.

3. File Your App Idea Patent Application

When you know that your idea is original and not patented, you can get started with an application for a patent. First, you should have all the documents ready. The top things to have ready are the app working, designs and diagrams, the working structure of the app, etc.

4. Choose a Provisional or Non-provisional Patent

When you have done all the paperwork and submitted the patent, it is time to choose if you need a provisional or non-provisional patent. It can be very long, so you should do that as soon as you file the papers. To get a patent for your business, you need to apply with the relevant government agencies.

5. Active Monitoring of Your Application Process

Once your application for a patent is in the process, you should keep an eye on every update. When you receive any update on the process, you should reply immediately to fast-track the patent. If there is any issue with your application, the examiner will write the request so you can improve your chances. You can modify your application to ensure your chances.

6. Maintaining the Patent

Once you get the patent, you need to maintain it to keep it with full force and impact. There is a fee you need to pay to keep the patent. You can pay it annually or multi-annually to keep the patent active. You should also keep checking if anybody is using your idea or not. It will help you save time and reduce the complexity of securing your patent.

Different Types of Patent Applications

Before you start with the process of patenting an app idea, it is crucial to understand the type of patent. It will give you a brief about which is suitable for your idea and makes you better profits. Here are the top ways for you to protect an app idea:


For application copyright, you need to have the idea implemented. It protects the original expression of ideas, and it should have the code, graphics, and other creative elements. It prevents others from copying your app's code, design, or other creative elements.

Duration: Copyright protection lasts for the lifetime of the author plus 70 years.

Trade Secrets

It protects confidential business information that gives a business a competitive edge. If there are aspects of your app that are not disclosed to the public and provide a competitive advantage, you can protect them as trade secrets.

Duration: It works as long as the information remains a secret.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

It is one way to protect intellectual property. NDAs are legal contracts that help protect your idea during discussions with potential collaborators, developers, or investors. NDAs create a legal obligation for the other party not to disclose or use confidential information for their benefit.

Duration: The duration is specified in the agreement itself.

Patent (if applicable)

While the traditional patent process is not always applicable to app ideas, there can be cases where a unique app is eligible for patent protection. Patents protect inventions for a limited period, giving the inventor the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling the patented invention.

Duration: Generally 20 years from the filing date.

Kickstart Your App Development Post-Patenting

For your app to get adequately patented, you can consult with legal professionals. You can prepare a strategy for app development with this. As patents include the nature of your app, the specific features you want to protect, and the legal requirements in your jurisdiction, development can give it a life.

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