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Are you thinking of hiring offshore developers for your project? It is a challenging task considering there are countless developers across the globe. You need to do research and consider every aspect to come to a country with the developer based on your specific tech stack. There are many factors to consider before hiring an offshore development team. You should find the best team from the best country for development and ensure your project's success.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring Offshore Developers

When you want to hire developers in your area, it can often be costly and complex. Whether it is about hiring a developer for a short term or a whole team for a long project, offshore development is a great help for everything. Our clients have shared that they have faced some problems before hiring developers. To navigate these challenges successfully, it's crucial to understand how to hire offshore software developers. Here are some key factors to consider before assembling your offshore development team:

Geographical Location

The location of the developer is one of the major factors to consider. There can be language barriers and other factors affecting overall development so you should know what is important to keep your communication solid. If the country you are outsourcing your project to has a weak digital infrastructure, there can be issues with timely delivery.

If you choose a country with high-speed internet connectivity and good business relations, you can streamline development tasks. In this regard, India is one of the best names in the whole world. As the majority of the developers know English and other globally adopted languages, it is easy to establish a communication channel.

Company Profile and Stability

The development quality is totally based on the development company you hire. When you have a strong team that has worked on similar projects in the past as well, it becomes easy for you to trust them. As you can not get involved face-to-face, you should ensure you are choosing a reliable team for IT development.

For this, the best approach is to hire developers you get from references or if they have a name in the market. It also helps you prevent any fraud or cybersecurity issues.

Cost efficiency

Offshore development is all about getting it done within your budget. You should consider the price factor before anything else. Hiring models and developers is important for cost-cutting in IT development. You should never compromise with the quality of the development but getting it done offshore can help.

You can get quotes from multiple companies and compare them to land on one final company for your development needs. You can try multiple countries for the same as well. Getting the right development model is also crucial in this.

Establish a communication channel

Communication is essential in IT development outsourcing. You should establish communication channels before getting started with development. Whether you need developers in your preferred language or want them to work in your preferred time zone setting, discussing it before getting started with development is the key.

You should hire developers who know your language and can communicate without any external assistance. Developers that work according to your schedule are best to have.

Top Ten Countries for Offshore Software Development

As remote operations are gaining popularity, it is very crucial to hire developers who can create a robust infrastructure for your business. Hiring an offshore development team can be cost-friendly whether you are an established business or a new in the digital ecosystem. This has become a trend in the world of digital development.

When choosing a country for offshore developers, you should keep some things in mind like language and timezone barriers playing a vital role. Many countries have developers that match the project requirements but you should find one within your budget.

Some of the most important elements influencing the total cost of offshore development in a given nation are hiring practices, developer experience, etc. When selecting a country with offshore development needs, language and communication should be your top priorities.

We have prepared a list of the top 10 countries with expertise in IT development. You should know about the developer culture and work flexibility that you can afford with your project.

Country Average Hourly Rate ($) Experience Level Developer Skill Set Time Zone



Strong in every mainstream technology





Strong in Java, Python, and C++





Strong in Java, Python, and C++





Strong in Java, Python, and C++





Strong in frontend development


EET +3



AI, ML, Python


CET +1



Java, C++


EET +3



Dotnet, Python, Java


MSK +3



Java, Python


FET +3



Strong in Java, Python, and C++



What Makes India the Best Option for Offshore Development?

India is considered one of the best countries for offshore software development. It has proved its status with many factors and models in the IT industry. Some of the reasons that make India the best name for offshore development are:

Number of developers

India has a lot of developers and IT companies as compared to other countries. No matter which technology we are talking about, India has teams ready. Modern technology adoption is also a part of India's IT world. There are more than 2.5 million graduates every year with software development-related degrees. These numbers make it easy for you to find offshore developers for your project, no matter which part of the world you live in.


The development costs are significantly lower in India as compared to other countries. With almost 40% lower costs for IT development, you can reduce overall costs for your project. With cost-effectiveness, Indian developers also deliver projects with code quality.

Your preferred language

India is known for its diversified culture. You can manage seamless communication in your language as Indian developers are familiar with many languages. You can find developers for almost every language spoken in the world. This helps in finding the developers and you can establish a solid communication channel.

A lot of experience

As India has developers for every technology, you can find freshers and experienced ones. Many top companies are considering India for offshore development needs and it is not slowing down. Many countries in Europe prefer India for IT development and Indian developers have gained a lot of experience with this.

Solid IT Infrastructure

In the past few years, India has developed a robust infrastructure for seamless internet connectivity. It is easy to manage development and the government is also helping the IT industry to grow with various schemes.

India is a premier choice for offshore software development, backed by factors like a large pool of skilled developers, cost-effectiveness (with nearly 40% lower development costs), and a diverse language landscape. The nation's solid IT infrastructure complements its appeal, fostering seamless internet connectivity. Leveraging the benefits of hiring developers from India ensures access to experienced professionals and a reliable communication channel. Consider India as your ideal destination for successful offshore development endeavours.

Hire Skilled Offshore Developers from Our Team

If you have done your research based on the requirements of your project, hiring offshore developers from various regions of the world may be the simplest option. You can find developers in your budget. You can compare the price range from every corner of the globe and get the most suitable team for your project. As you can find developers from India for every scale and every complexity, it can be considered as an ideal location.

We have a team ready for your development needs. Whether you need a web developer or want a team to add to your existing team strength, we can help. With more than 1000 technical experts in our team, we can give you the best results when it comes to digital design and development. Want to know more? Contact our experts now!

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