10 Best Drupal Themes to Use in 2024 :
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Who doesn't want an intuitive business platform that can convert and offer a seamless user experience? We all know that Drupal is one of the best CMSs to build websites. More than 1.75 million websites use Drupal. It has many themes that can elevate the experience of users by making navigation easy. 

Drupal has 100s of themes that you can use for website development. There are paid and free, both kinds of themes available. These themes are great options to consider if you don’t have time to get a custom theme. With a feature-rich theme, you can reduce the website’s time to market and offer a great digital experience.

Top 10 Drupal Themes for Website Development

Most of the Drupal themes are built using Bootstrap. Here are the top 10 themes you can use to create an intuitive and visually appealing theme:

  1. 1. January Theme

It is one of the best drupal themes for complex website development for every industry. With this, you can create a responsive website. Whether you want to add a newsletter section or add quick links at the footer, you can manage everything as this theme offers flexibility. If you want a free demo of the theme, you can visit the official page of the theme or contact the development team of this theme. To get this theme on your website, you can visit the official Drupal project website.

Features of this theme:

  • It has pages to build content for every industry so you can manage development without any hassle.
  • With options for customisation, you can make changes to functionality as per your requirements.
  • You can integrate every major social platform into your website with this theme.

  1. 2. iblue

It is a responsive theme for Drupal. You can create a responsive website with this theme. With more than 10 homepages and inner pages, it comes with colour variations and awesome slideshows. You should go get this theme if you are looking for the most suitable way to create a website for industries like corporate, portfolio, hosting, blog, contraction, etc.

Features of iblue theme:

  • It comes with ease of customisation and you can set custom CSS in this theme.
  • This theme offers dedicated, fast, and friendly support.
  • This theme is cross-browser compatible.
  • You can leverage Google fonts and contact forms with this.
  1. 3. YG Glow

It is a Bootstrap-based Drupal 9 theme that can be used to create visually appealing websites. You can install the demo and get an idea of how the theme would look. It also gives the flexibility to customise the functionality. This theme is highly responsive and loads very fast.

Features of the YG Glow theme:

  • It is supported for Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 core.
  • This theme has designs for every major area that you need including blog, services, portfolio, and testimonials.
  • You can add social links to the website.
  • It offers complete customisation.

  1. 4. Vani

If you want a theme with a simple and sophisticated design, this is one of the best drupal themes to consider. You can use this theme for a responsive website for Drupal 8 and above versions. This modern and lightweight theme is built with a mobile-first approach and you can customise everything based on your needs. It is very easy to set up and you can use this for your business or personal website. This theme is also available with a free demo.

Features of the Vani theme:

  • This theme offers mobile-first responsiveness and is compatible with every Drupal version after Drupal 8.
  • This theme has an inbuilt slider for the homepage and comes with social media integration with all major platforms.
  • You can use Google font and customise every page with easy customization.
  • Custom CSS can be added to the theme and individual pages can be made.

  1. 5. Consulta

The demand for media on a website is increasing. If you want to build a website where you need to add and support high-quality images, it is one of the best solutions to choose from. It is a very responsive theme to consider if you want to add media files to the website. This theme is best for websites for consulting services, banking services, media houses, etc. It is a cross-browser compatible theme so you can add popular browsers and features with a free demo.

Features of the theme:

  • You can integrate most of the plugins into the website easily.
  • It has visually appealing 11 homepages and you can edit every piece of content easily with this.
  • It has more than 7 header layouts and mega menus so you can change appearance as you need.
  • This theme is 100% translation-ready, making it multilingual and offers quality support.
  • Managing content is easy with this theme as you get demo content with the design in this theme. It makes content management more efficient.

  1. 6. Basic

It is a responsive starter theme for Drupal. With a clean HTML5 structure, it can be used with customised CSS and SEO-friendly features. The Basic theme for Drupal is simple and quick to set up. It can be used to design faster and offers flexibility. If you want to get this theme, it can provide building blocks to design your website quickly.

Features of the Basic Drupal Theme

  • It is very simple to use and comes with easy-to-modify architecture.
  • It has a Grid framework and creative base styles.
  • With easy modification and customisation, it is very SEO-friendly.
  • This theme has great class systems for the body, node, comments, navigation, and list items.

  1. 7. AdaptiveTheme

It is a theme that can easily be used for your website without you writing a single line of code. Adaptive is a mobile-friendly Drupal theme that can help you create new regions, rows, and layouts. This theme has many JS plugins that you can use to make it more functional. All of these plugins are loaded from CDN. You can check other theme details before using it for your website.

Features of the theme:

  • You can set column layouts and reorder row layouts.
  • This theme has 8 different menu styles pre-builts.
  • With touch icon support for iOS, in this theme you get the default set included.
  • With slideshows and carousels, you can modify the appearance of mobile devices. It has a feature where you can hide or show blocks on mobile devices.
  • It has responsive local tasks, tables, and book navigation with this.
  • You get web fonts, Typekit, support for Google, and local fonts in this theme for Drupal.

  1. 8. The X

If you want to leverage a pre-built theme, the X theme is a great choice to make. It is simple and lightweight with a clean interface. You can make changes to every functionality in this theme and make use of this for your website. There are more than 360 websites using this theme without any issues, making this theme one of the quality choices for Drupal website development.

Features of The X Theme:

  • It has multiple options for managing page layouts. You can manage the left and right sidebar and manage width easily.
  • This theme has a sliding search form.
  • You can set multiple font icons and set custom shortcodes.
  • It has options for managing page layouts.

  1. 9. Barrio

It is a layout theme that you can customise as per your needs. If you want to get creative and come up with a unique theme for your business, it is one of the best themes to consider. If you know a bit of coding, this theme can help you create a brand new theme. Every feature of the theme is very attractive to choose for your website.

Features of Barrio theme

  • You can make changes to the column and customise markups as per your requirements.
  • You can manage Bootswatch integration with CDN using this theme.
  • This theme offers a predefined combination of Google Fonts.
  • You can change the functionality of each and every element of the theme.
  • It has colour module integration available on the subtheme.

  1. 10. Tico

This theme is a professional theme for developing a responsive website on the Drupal ecosystem. This theme is easy to use and highly customisable. You can get a unique look for the theme and manage the theme with simple-to-use tools. This responsive theme is available with a free preview, is also compatible with Drupal 10 and has many widgets integrated so you can make pages without any hassle.

Features of Tico theme:

  • It has a JS slider that can be used to create visually appealing pages.
  • This theme offers custom CSS styles that can be helpful for editing core files.
  • With instant expert support, you get every issue resolved to ensure quality performance.

Want a Custom Drupal Theme?

These themes are some of the best themes you can consider if you are looking to get a website developed without any time delay. If you have enough time to get a theme for your website, you can get a custom one developed that aligns with your business needs the best. You can contact our drupal experts to get a theme that fits your business and you can get every feature you want. Contact our experts now to get started with custom Drupal theme development.

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