Benefits of Hiring Developers From India


Hiring developers can be complex. It is not easy to find developers who are skilled and experienced and most importantly, fit right into your budget. We know you want your business to run at the minimum possible cost. It starts with hiring the development within your budget while ensuring quality.

There are countless questions and dilemmas you can face before you hire developers for your business needs. Whether you hire a developer or outsource your project, getting a quality team of developers of your preferred technology is what you need.

Why Prefer India for IT Development

India is the country with the youngest employable population in the world, with over 200,000 IT graduates joining the IT workforce annually. Tech giants across the globe are dependent on India for developers. Many top tech names have a majority of developers from India and the number is pretty impressive. The skill-based tech industry is growing in India and it is a hub for the world. You can hire skilled developers at reasonable prices and find professionals who speak your language.

It is easy for Western countries to find developers as more than 129 million people speak English in India. English is a commonly spoken language in India and it is one of the major reasons why the development industry is booming in India.

If we talk about Google, it has around 40% of Indian engineers. With this, more than 27% of developers working on Google Cloud are from India. The numbers are impressive as 34% of Microsoft employees, and 28% of IBM employees are Indians. Many top tech names have Indians in senior positions as well. With some of the most talented software developers and product managers on the team, India is also the second-largest technology hub for Amazon globally.

Top 15 Benefits of Hiring Developers from India

India is one of the best markets for IT talent. You name the technology, India has experts for all. When you go for talents from a pool of skilled developers, you can ensure the project's success. Here are the top benefits of getting developers from India:

  1. 1. Cost-effective

When you hire developers from India, you can ensure you get the best results with your budget. It is very economical to hire developers from India and you can achieve the best in budget as compared to other parts of the world.

  1. 2. Skilled experts

When you hire developers from India, you can ensure skills and work ethic. The developers in India are very skilled and acquired a technical skillset that can be very helpful for your platform development.

  1. 3. Effective communication

Other than local languages, India is very reliant on English but it has speakers of many languages. You can find developers in your language and get started with your project without any communication issues.

  1. 4. Time zone issues

Many companies in India work without any time zone issues. There are agencies that work with IST but you can find agencies that work with US shifts and UK shifts. With this, you can ensure you get the developers without any time barriers.

  1. 5. Team scalability

If you want to speed up your project in the future and want to expand the team, you can get it if you hire developers from India. It gives you the flexibility to add and remove developers at your own pace. You can adapt to challenging markets and manage your project more effectively than ever.

  1. 6. Round-the-clock Support

When you hire Indian developers, you get transparent and 24/7 support. This helps you avoid any issues with your platform performance and you can stay running at your peak speed on digital grounds.

  1. 7. Tech-specific developers

If your project requires tech-specific developers and do not want to outsource your project completely, you can get this from India. With a diverse skill set, you can get developers for your unique needs without any project interruption.

  1. 8. Your preferred engagement type

Whether you want to manage everything in your budget with a few developers working part-time or want to get the project completed in a short span of time with the right size of the team, you can get help from a development company in India.

  1. 9. Updated tech expertise

Indian developers are considered hardworking and they have proved it with time. They constantly work to acquire the relevant skills to stay ahead of the rest of the world. With this, you can ensure your platform has the latest features.

  1. 10. Backed by a strong portfolio

When it comes to IT development, India is looked at as it is the focus of worldwide attention. When you opt for an Indian developer, you should ask for their portfolio. Many chances are there that the developers have worked on similar projects before.

  1. 11. Transparent project progress

Choosing developers from India comes with many benefits for managing the transparent progress of your project. You can ask for progress reports and get updates in real time as the development moves forward.

  1. 12. Work-first approach

The majority of developers in India work more than 40 hours. It is helpful for reduced time-to-market and you can ensure you get quality outcomes with your project in a comparatively short time. The number of leaves in India is also less than that of Western countries.

  1. 13. Find from a pool of freshers and experienced developers

India is leading from the front when it comes to hiring talent for IT development. Whether you need skilled developers who have the world on many projects or want a fresher to help the core development team, you can get everything from India.

  1. 14. Young developers

The majority of developers in India are young, from the age group of 18 to 35. More than 30% of developers are youth and it helped in agile methodology adoption by quick development for your project. Many youngsters are enrolling in the technical field and it makes it easy for you to hire developers from India.

  1. 15. Top class quality

Hiring developers from India ensures quality over anything else. You can complete your project on time with the desired quality. With multiple rounds of testing, you can ensure that you get the best version of your digital platform with security considerations.

Know the Stats: How Indian Developers Are Dominating the Development Space

Indians are very adaptive and have work culture similarities, making it an ideal place to find developers. With thousands of IT graduates joining the industry annually, it holds a solid dominance over the IT development market space. Whether it is about price or finding developers easily, India has everything to get development done in the minimal possible budget.








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German, English

Dutch, French


English, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, French

Tech stack expertise

Java Script, Python, PHP 

Cloud technology, Python, C++

Java, JavaScript, Python

Ruby, PHP, Lua, Typescript 

Swift, PHP, dot net

Java, Python, PHP, Dotnet, MEAN, MERN, Flutter

When Do You Need to Hire Developers From India?

Going for a development team in India is best for every type of business no matter what the industry is. Here are some of the top development areas when you need to hire developers from India:

Startup platform

If you need a platform for your business that you just started, there are chances that you have budget constraints. You can get help from Indian developers and get quality platforms within your budget.

eCommerce development

Developers from India should be your primary choice when you are hiring experts for your eCommerce development needs. When you have a profit-making eCommerce idea, you can contact Indian developers and get a feature-rich store.

Game development

Are you a game freak and looking to develop your own game with your idea? It is time to go for game developers from India. It not only cuts a lot on cost but gives you unimaginable results with the performance of the game.

App development

The app is the primary source of attracting your potential users. If you are thinking that you should get an app and looking for skilled app developers, India can be your destination. You can find experts for both native and hybrid app development.

Team augmentation services

If you already have a team but want to speed up the project, choosing India for hiring developers can be a great choice. You can expand your team with an experienced workforce and get measurable results to reduce time to market.

How to Hire Developers from India?

Hiring developers from India can be very easy if you have a proper procedure in mind. You can save time and land the right talent with a relevant skillset and an adequate approach. Here is the process of how to hire developers from India for IT development:

Understand your requirements

You need to know what you need for your platform. If you have your requirements clear, you can ensure what you need from your developers. You should know if you want a developer for the long term or the short term. With this, you should also have the basic knowledge about the tech stack.

Choose the hiring model

It is very important to know about the hiring model as there are plenty to choose from when you are looking for developers from India. You can hire freelancers, part-timers, and full-time developers in your preferred technology.

Check the experience

It is very much needed for you to check the experience of the developers before onboarding them for your project. You can hire freshers and experienced candidates based on your needs to ensure you get quality outcomes with your development project.

Define communication channels

Only you know what you need from a project. When you have a project ready to get started with, establishing communication channels is crucial. You should make a plan to ensure quality support from the development team.

Check the budget

Before you hire developers from India, you need to check your budget. Although finding developers in India is cost-friendly, you should match it with your budget to run operations smoothly.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Developers from India?

Hiring developers from India is not as straightforward as it seems. You need to avoid some crucial mistakes if you want to get quality outcomes with your development. Here are some common mistakes businesses make while outsourcing their project to India:

  • Keep the hiring process smooth and check the portfolio of developers and the company if you are going with that.
  • Every developer is not comfortable with your timezone, so you need to check their availability according to your preference.
  • You should not neglect communication as we all know communication is key in development.
  • Many businesses make the mistake of not understanding project progress and knowing how much percentage of the project is completed. You should understand this and make a choice according to that.
  • You should get an idea if you need the source code or not. Many business owners do not care about this which is very crucial for the future if you want to make changes to the source code.
  • Ensure you are getting everything in your budget. If you get everything in your budget, only then opt for the development. It will avoid any future delays and conflicts between you and the developers.

Hire the Best Team of Developers

Now that you have read this far, it is time to make a choice. You need to make a choice, totally based on your project demand. We are a leading name in IT development with in-house developers for every technology. We can assist you in finding developers for any kind of technology. With our extensive experience of more than two decades, we have worked for every industry. Want us to work on your project? Contact Us and kickstart your IT project development.

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