10 Best Free CRM for Small Business


Every business aims to provide users with the best experience possible using the appropriate strategy, technologies, and tools. When you have an engaging tool and platform where every piece of the data is managed and it offers the best experience to visitors, you can ensure growth.There are plenty of tools that can help your SMB with operational management.

In this regard, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the best tools to consider. With this, you can streamline every operation and convert more leads. It can nurture leads, manage interactions, and offer value to keep the user engaged. No matter whether you are a small business or an enterprise-level business, CRMs are for everyone. When you choose a quality CRM, you can manage your resources and enable adequate management in your business. Although there are plenty of CRMs in the market that you can use to elevate your presence, you need to find the best one for your needs.

If you are looking for an effective CRM for small businesses, here are the top names to consider. You can consider one of these CRMs with your budget, needs, and functionalities.

Our Top Picks in the List for Best Free CRM

Zoho CRM

A CRM with unlimited scaling capabilities

HubSpot CRM

Simplify integration with third-party apps


Best customer support

Agile CRM

Valuable sales management features


Best for Gmail integration


Simplified management for tons of users and contacts


Effective project planning and email marketing

Freshsales Suite

Clean interface with quality support and standard security


Quick set-up with the feature built specifically for small businesses

Capsule CRM

Plenty of project management features

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Free CRM For Your Business?

Choosing the best free CRM for your needs can be very challenging. There are plenty of CRMs and every one of them has some unique features that make them chosen by businesses. When you are looking for a free CRM, there are some limitations to the options; every free one doesn’t have all the features you need. Here are the top factors to consider when you are looking for a CRM for your small or medium-scale business:

  • You should look at what you need from a CRM and what are the must-have features. After a detailed look at the helpful features for lead generation, data management, and marketing, you should make a choice.
  • One of the important considerations to make is to look at the benefits of CRM. With this, you need to automate processes and become efficient.
  • If you are looking for a free CRM, you should ensure you can scale up and upgrade with the features when needed. It is great to choose the CRM that has easy upgrade options.
  • When a CRM is easy to set up, you should go for it. When you are a small business, you have a limited workforce and you need to have to work with that. For this, consider the ease of set-up and choose one with a simplified interface.
  • While choosing a free CRM for your SMB, you should check the integration capabilities. It is crucial to have essential apps working for you and you can use this to maximise your business performance. Services like email service, LinkedIn, and Google Workspace are some of the crucial integrations to have in your CRM ecosystem.
  • You should check the access features before you get the CRM for your SMB. If you need multiple people working with SMB, you should check if the CRM offers that functionality or not.
  • Customisation of features is also a great thing to consider. You should be able to customise the processes for your needs. If you want certain features, you should be able to get those into your CRM.

Top 10 Best Free CRM Software

After these considerations, you should choose one based on what suits your requirements the best. Here is a list of the top 10 free CRM software you can choose from:

1. Zoho CRM

If you are looking for a CRM that offers valuable real-time data, Zoho should be your first choice. With features for customer interaction and business process automation, it is a great CRM to nurture leads. This tool comes with a user-friendly interface and offers many mobile-friendly features.

Features of the Zoho CRM

  • The free Zoho CRM has features for social media management, sales task management, event tracking, call logging, etc.
  • It has 10 free pre-built email templates.
  • You can keep 5,000 records with this free CRM version.
  • It has features for sales pipeline management and in-depth reporting and analytics.

Pros of Zoho CRM

  • It has one of the best and most feature-rich CMSs with the best free plan.
  • You can easily sync with other Zoho products and many external systems with this.
  • This CRM is flexible for every kind of business.

Cons of Zoho CRM

  • The user interface and CRM navigation can be improved.
  • It lacks security features.
  • There is no monitoring of individual emails.

Details About the Paid Version

Zoho CRM's paid version has four options which are standard, professional, enterprise, and ultimate. You can choose one based on your needs. You can also choose the Zoho Bigin which is built for SMBs. It also offers a free version with limited features.

2. HubSpot CRM

It is a great CRM for your business if you want to streamline customer interactions and integrations with third-party applications. It can be used to automate communication across teams in the organisation as well. If you own a small-scale business, it can be a great tool and it is upgrading regularly as well.

Key features of HubSpot CRM

  • It offers features like contact management, form builder, ad management, etc.
  • For support, you get live chat and ticketing services.
  • Email scheduling, Email marketing, Quotes, etc. can be managed with a free version.

Pros of HubSpot CRM

  • The free version comes with a great number of features.
  • If you opt for the free plan, you can use it for life as the free plan never ends.
  • It is very easy to use and comes with an intuitive interface.
  • With the free trial, you get great customer support.

Cons of HubSpot CRM

  • If you want to upgrade to the paid plan later, it can be confusing with the features.
  • Scaling up your business may cause some limitations in this regard, so it's better to have a paid version.

Details About the Paid Version

HubSpot CRM has paid plans for every scale of business. If you want to use the CRM suite of HubSpot as a small business, it has three plans. One is free and the other two are Starter and Professional. If you scale up in the future and want to leverage the CRM as an enterprise-level business, you can consult with HubSpot experts from our team. The Professional plan also has some features that can help your big-scale business.

3. Insightly CRM

If you are looking for a forever-free plan with a CRM as a small or medium-scale business, Insightly is one of the best to consider. With this, you can streamline your lead management and manage projects effectively. It offers great customer service and you can customise features as per your business requirements.

Features of Insightly CRM

  • It has many features for contact and lead management.
  • Insightly free CRM comes with integrated project management capabilities.
  • You can integrate this CRM with more than 500 popular apps.
  • You can import contacts from Excel, Google, and Microsoft platforms.

Pros of Insightly CRM

  • It is easy to use and mobile-friendly.
  • It comes with a simple interface and intuitive reporting tools.
  • It has many automated marketing email templates.
  • You can easily integrate third-party tools.
  • It has email marketing and contact segmentation features.

Cons of Insightly CRM

  • It doesn't offer any active phone support.
  • The free plan has record limits and storage limitations.
  • There are limitations when it comes to project management.

Details About the Paid Version

It has three other plans in addition to the free one. The plans are Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. All the plans are billed annually and you can easily scale up to the paid version if you are using the free plan. You can analyse the features with the free trial as well.

4. Agile CRM

It is one of the best free CRMs for your business needs related to sales and marketing operations. With plenty of options for sales management, you can elevate the customer experience. It is available to use for 10 users for free and you can easily upgrade to the paid plan whenever you scale up your business.

Features of Agile CRM

  • It has sales features like appointment scheduling, email tracking, etc.
  • It is very optimised for usability and offers simplified navigation.
  • It comes with streamlined customer data intake, lead tracking, and call tracking while you can record calls on the platform without going on any other platform.
  • You can manage lead segmentation with this.

Pros of the Agile CRM

  • It is easy to set up and has mobile-friendly features.
  • You get a page builder tool with this free version.
  • You can easily integrate third-party applications with this CRM. It can be very helpful to streamline workflow.
  • It has efficient lead segmentation and management capabilities.
  • You can customise every feature available for your needs.

Cons of the Agile CRM

  • The free version has no feature for marketing automation.
  • You can not monitor social media activity with the free Agile CRM.
  • It offers customer support through various channels but response time is a little slow.
  • It is also available with the apps but has limited features if you compare it with the web version.

Details About the Paid Version

Agile CRM offers a flexible pricing model so businesses of every scale can use it as per their needs. Other than free, it comes with Starter, Regular, and Enterprise versions. While the free one is great for sales activities, paid versions have many additional features for marketing and service channels that you can use in your business.

5. Streak

If you want to get the best results out of your Gmail, it is the best CRM to have. It has many effective features for accessing and extracting quality information from Gmail. It is most suitable for processes like sales, email support, hiring, etc. If you want to streamline communication and collaboration across your organisation, Streak should be your top consideration.

Features of the Streak CRM

  • You get features like email tracking and keep the data centralised with this CRM.
  • It is easy to streamline tasks and you can have unlimited pipelines with this.
  • Gmail integration is quick and easy with simplified management.
  • The interface is very familiar like Google Sheets.

Pros of the Streak CRM

  • It is very easy to use and comes with snippet features to save time.
  • It is very responsive and lightweight, suitable for Gmail integration.
  • You can access it directly from your Gmail account, eliminating the need to visit another website.
  • If you want to enable automation in the email system, it is one of the best CRMs.

Cons of the Streak CRM

  • This CRM is a Gmail plugin and totally dependent on the Google ecosystem.
  • Unlike most CRMs, Streak CRM lacks tools for email marketing campaigns.
  • It also has an app but the features are not worth it.
  • When the pipeline is huge, the performance can slow down a bit.

Details About the Paid Version

It offers multiple plans if you want to upgrade and want additional features. The features are Solo, Pro, Pro Plus, and Enterprise. You can choose the one based on your team's length and what you need from Streak. This CRM lets you pay either on a monthly basis or on an annual basis.

6. Bitrix24

It is one of the best CRMs to take into consideration if you have a large team and a lot of contacts. It can help you with the management of many contacts with ease. It can streamline team communication and let you leverage unlimited features that can help your business. It also offers simplified automation tools to create a cutting-edge experience.

Features of the Bitrix24 CRM

  • It offers a feature where you can set up unlimited users and manage countless contacts on the free plan.
  • It has features for team management, sales pipeline, reporting, etc.
  • You can integrate third-party tools easily with this.
  • You can manage customisation for every functionality.
  • You can analyse the data and compare the track report of your business with this.

Pros of the Bitrix24

  • You can utilise the deep reporting and track performance on the free plan as well.
  • You can manage employee performance and activities with detailed reports.
  • It has a powerful project management software.
  • It has unlimited storage for leads, contacts, and staff management.

Cons of Bitrix24

  • It has a weak UI and limited mobile app functionality.
  • It comes with a heavy widget and that can slow down the performance of the website.
  • The admin interface is also outdated and not very user-friendly.
  • You can use 290+ integrations available with the mobile app.

Details About the Paid Version

Bitrix24 has two options for billing, you can either pay every month or pay once a year. It has four kinds of subscriptions for CRM other than the free one. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose between the Basic, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

7. eWay CRM

If you are looking for a CRM that is the best for the Outlook platform, you should go for the eWay CRM. You can choose this for effective email marketing campaigns and it can be a great option for lead and contact management. With simplified options for customisation, you can also leverage the benefits of efficient campaign tracking.

Features of the eWay CRM

  • You can manage emails, leads, and contacts with the Outlook platform.
  • It has a great application to help you with CRM operations.
  • You get auto reminders from Outlook if you set this CRM for your business.
  • It offers a feature of automated feedback tracking.

Pros of eWay-CRM

  • It is customisable and integrates easily with an intuitive interface.
  • You can set up this integration in your business with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • You can import features from Microsoft Outlook easily and use automation in email marketing with this CRM.
  • You get advanced administration settings with this CRM.

Cons of eWay CRM

  • If you want additional features, you need to get the paid version.
  • If you want integration, you need to get the app.
  • The email campaign set-up is complicated.

Details About the Paid Version

It can easily be moved to the paid version. There are three plans for eWay CRM, Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. You can pay with the monthly, yearly, and three-year plans for upgrading to the paid eWay CRM. You can compare the plans and choose the best that fits your needs the best.

8. Freshsales Suite

With this CRM, you can keep track of customer data in one central location and improve the admin's experience. With this, you can send 2,000 bulk emails per user per day. Moreover, it can be helpful in reporting and contact management. It is a great CRM for small teams with effective management as you can handle and customise every feature.

Features of Freshsales Suite CRM

  • It has features like lead scoring, lead segmentation, insights and reporting tools.
  • It comes with an in-built email tracker.
  • It has a mobile application that makes remote possibility seamless.
  • Freshsales Suite offers 24/5 customer support.

Pros of Freshsales Suite CRM

  • It can help sales and marketing teams with cutting-edge features.
  • It has a very intuitive interface and is very easy to use.
  • If you are looking for Gmail integration, it can be a very useful CRM.

Cons of Freshsales Suite CRM

  • The support system is only available for five days.
  • The free version has no advanced social media communication features.
  • If you are looking for website user tracking, it is not a suitable CRM for your business.
  • Advanced contact enrichment features are not available.

Details About the Paid Version

If you want to upgrade from the free plan, Freshsales Suite offers three plans. You can choose Growth, Pro, and Enterprise based on your requirements. It is also one of the best CRMs if you are looking for add-ons. You can choose add-ons with additional payment and supercharge your business for every business activity.

9. Nimble

This CRM is specially built for small-scale businesses that use Office 365 and Google WorkSpace. It is very quick to set up and saves time with onboarding to the CRM capabilities. With features like social media integration, sales intelligence, and marketing automation, it can elevate business performance.

Features of the Nimble CRM

  • It has pipeline management features.
  • You can organise contact information with this CRM.
  • It is very easy to integrate third-party apps with this CRM.
  • You can save contacts from more than 160 apps into one centralised location.

Pros of the Nimble CRM

  • You can track sales process activities with ease.
  • It has great apps for both Android and iOS.
  • You can import contact information and use it in the Nimble ecosystem.
  • You can keep business data organised and track user activity with ease.
  • It is easy to set reminders and utilise marketing features with this CRM.

Cons of the Nimble CRM

  • It only has one pipeline in the free version.
  • You can not customise everything and some menus are complex to find.
  • There are some email limitations like it is not easy to manage email tracking.
  • You can not integrate Facebook messages into this.

Details about the paid version

If you are looking for the paid version, it has two options, monthly and annually. With the annual pricing model, you can save up to 17%. You get additional features like one-on-one calls and access to training webinars with this. From daily Q&A sessions to quick email support, it has many features to elevate your CRM activities.

10. Capsule CRM

It is a CRM built for small and medium-level businesses. If you run a B2B business, you should consider this. It is a cloud-based platform that also offers a feature-rich mobile app. You can get features like lead management, contact organisation, customer segmentation, and active customer support.

Feature of the Capsule CRM

  • It can be used by two users for free and it offers 10 MB of storage for contact storage and management.
  • It offers features for project management, sales management, and contact management.
  • This CRM comes with a mobile app and has an AI assistant.

Pros of the Capsule CRM

  • You can use 10 AI content assists per month with the free version.
  • You can utilise Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace single sign-on functionality.
  • It gives you access to up to 250 contacts.
  • You can leverage 50 MB of storage for free.

Cons of the Capsule CRM

  • It doesn't have features for conversion tracking and email marketing.
  • If you want to follow up on contact history and new leads, it has limited features.
  • You need to add the Dropbox address every time you email to store the information.

Details about the paid version

If you want to upgrade to the paid version of the Capsule CRM, you can get one of the four options it offers. It has Starter, Growth, Advanced and Ultimate versions with unique features. Every plan has different storage and features so you should research thoroughly before making a choice.

Get the Best CRM for Your SMB

These are the top 10 CRMs that you can consider as a small or medium-scale business. Your choice should be based on your requirements from the CRM and how you want to elevate the business. You should consider factors like budget, functionality, and ease of use to ensure you get the best results.

If you want any kind of assistance with CRM implementation for your business, you can contact our CRM experts. You can not only save time with this but also get the most suitable solution for your business. Want to know more, contact the our team now!

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