Craft CMS vs WordPress: Which One Is Best for Your Business


Content Management Systems (CMS) are used widely for the development of websites and managing the overall user content on the internet. If you are wondering what to choose for your business, choose the one after considering your business needs.

Craft CMS website development is an easy process if you know something about PHP language as it is built on PHP framework Yii.

It's crucial to realize that there isn't a straightforward answer when comparing Craft CMS with WordPress in terms of which is superior. While WordPress will be the obvious choice for smaller SMEs, Craft CMS may seem like a no-brainer for some businesses.

WordPress CMS

WordPress is the most popular CMS, with a stake of over 40%. This open-source platform is free to use and comes with easy-to-manage functionality. Easy third-party plugins and massive community make it one of the best CMS in the market.

Craft CMS

Craft CMS is developed by Pixel & Tonic for building websites. Users need to write HTML codes on this platform and make changes according to their needs. Easy collaboration is also one of the crucial factors in the Craft CMS.

Craft or WordPress: Which is Better CMS?

WordPress is leading the CMS market with a heavy share. There are a few reasons for that. At the same time, you can see why Craft is being chosen by many developers.

Here are some of the key pointers you need to consider before choosing a CMS for your business.

Advantages of Choosing WordPress

Here is why WordPress is preferred over any other CMS in the market and leading the CMS sector from the front.

  • Ease of use

    The user-friendly interface in WordPress makes it easy for beginners to utilize it effectively. The built-in dashboard lets you make new pages, post blogs, change themes, etc., easily.
  • Media management

    With WordPress, you can easily elevate the content with media files. Importing and managing media files is very easy in this CMS.
  • Theme availability

    There are thousands of themes available for your platform from various sources for WordPress. You can choose the themes from free and paid to make your platform look beautiful.
  • No coding requirement

    Wordpress is very easy to implement with drag and drop features. This requires no coding skills, and you can easily use user-friendly tools from WordPress.
  • Scalability

    Platforms built on WordPress can be easily scaled as the requirement increases. Users can create a website and scale up with the increased traffic.
  • Cost friendly

    As there is no need for coding and easy availability is there, WordPress websites can be developed at very convenient prices.
  • Plugin availability

    There are plenty of plugins for WordPress. You can find plugins suitable for your business needs easily and get one to maximize the reach.

Disadvantages of Choosing WordPress

There are several disadvantages to using the most used CMS. Here are a few of them:

  • Vulnerabilities

    There are many vulnerabilities with WordPress themes and plugins, as there are plenty to choose from. Cybercriminals use these tactics to take access to your platform.
  • Speed

    The loading speed decreases with the imported themes and plugins. It affects the overall user experience and decreases SEO scores in the long run.

Advantages of Choosing Craft CMS

With security being the primary concern, Craft is making its presence known in the CMS industry with plenty of advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Simplified control panel

    It has a simplified control panel when compared to WordPress. Users can easily monitor and check activities with the admin panel, making it easier to learn.
  • Content management

    Craft CMS uses an architectural matrix. This is helpful in making minor changes to the platform, rearranging, or even disabling some functions on your requirements.
  • Improved security

    Craft CMS provides users with the freedom to create custom access for users to all regions and levels of the website. The fewer plugins available help as there are fewer security risks.
  • SEO-friendly

    Improved control and functionalities are helpful in SEO as it automatically creates maps and uses metadata for improved SEO presence and visibility in digital space.
  • Smooth Performance

    Custom coding helps in keeping the site more secure than ever. The MVC framework used in Craft is one of the reasons it stays faster than its competitors.
  • Secure plugins

    The plugins made with Craft CMS are secure with fewer vulnerabilities. You can choose plugins and use them without any major security threat, as there are very few plugin developers for Craft CMS.

Disadvantages of Choosing Craft CMS

If you choose Craft for your web platform, it has some cons you should keep in mind.

  • Pricing

    Craft CMS is one of the most expensive CMS as it charges for its advanced features. It also has a free version, but that comes with limited functionalities.
  • Fewer resources

    Limited themes and plugins make it tough for users to find relevant sources for their niche, which is quite easy in WordPress.
  • Limited Developers

    Crafts requires coding knowledge, and it is tough to find developers with a stronghold and experience in the Craft CMS.

Which CMS Should You Choose For Your Business?

The platform you choose will depend on your business objectives, financial situation, and available resources. WordPress is the best option for smaller projects. You can create a whole website without ever writing any code. WordPress is a very effective and scalable platform that can help businesses of all sizes.

We can't deny the fact that WordPress is a market giant and holds the majority of the CMS space. We can see why many users prefer its back-end control, and you can go with Craft CMS when working with security as the primary concern.

At the same time, Craft CMS is preferred for enhanced security features and SEO-friendliness. It requires little coding, but it is worth it to keep the platform secure from cyber attacks. You should choose the platform after considering key factors like performance, flexibility, security, and responsiveness.

After going over WordPress and Craft CMS's advantages and disadvantages, we can choose which one to use to create better-quality websites. There are plenty of WordPress developers London that can help you build a scalable store at your convenience.

Custom web projects can be built with Craft CMS, a content management system. Craft CMS is a blank slate that puts your content first when it comes to choosing a CMS. For developers and content authors, it offers a flexible, tailored experience.

Technically speaking, WordPress is an open-source content management system licensed under GPLv2, which means that anyone can use or modify the software for free. With a content management system, you can easily manage important aspects of your website - such as content - without knowing anything about programming.

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