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Supreme Start-up Solutions from the Experts!

Here at Team In India we believe in making any business concept a reality. We understand how hard it is to grow an established business from our own experiences, that’s why we’re hugely passionate about lending a helping hand to start-up business. With our extensive expertise and technical capabilities, we feel confident that we can help any buiness make a significant impact in the digital world.

“The Start-Up Process!”


Within a span of 15 years, Team In India has emerged as one of the industry leading IT companies, teaming dynamic solutions and experienced Start-up Solution developers. As an idea of the extent of our expertise, we have provided services to over 2100+ clients and have developed 2000+ Website and Portals, by 400+ developers. Being a global brand has enabled us to engage visitors from the US, UK, Australia, France, New Zealand and many other parts of the world.

Team in India - The ultimate Start-up Partnership!

Our Work In The Spotlight!

We’ve created a culture of trying things out, tackling problems without fear and delivering only what matches our quality standards.

Our work doesn’t display what we’ve created for our clients, it displays how passionate we feel to serve you. We’re a team of idealists and ideologists who gel together to deliver work that speaks for us in the longer run. We pride ourselves in being able to work closely with us, adapting our skills to your business requirements. We’ve helped a range of companies from varied industries achieve success online.

You may be a startup or an established business looking forward to doing something better, something beautiful, remember we do it differently and we do it the best!

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The focus of ScooNews is on providing educators, parents and students with important news, articles and information through its print and online world. It also has some impressive features including policy and infrastructure related updates, challenges in the education sector in India, movements, parenting tips, etc.

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We were told that an online platform for easy communication between parents, teachers, and schools was what we are supposed to make. So we made ScooTalks. Our efficient developers and designers made sure that the website makes the first impression on those using it.

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We’ve developed a real estate portal that has an extensive range of properties listed for buyers and agents. Apart from providing the appropriate home for you, Keys90 is also responsible for providing you electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and property care and maintenance services.