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Why choose Mobile App Development? 

With over a billion people using mobile phones, mobile apps deliver undeniable customer loyalty, whilst offering some of the most powerful features in the industry. Mobile apps, both Android and iOS, have created a sensation in the marketplace and every new app comes with something better and improved, taking the app development market to next level. When it comes to App Development, the fundamentals of the process are fantastically streamlined and perfectly performed.

Rapid Application

With our rapid application methods, we apply pre-built components to the development process to maximise business productivity at cost efficient prices. Such components are:

Testing & Quality Assurance

Quality can make or break a projects success, so it’s an essential area to focus on. Users will quickly find alternatives if there are usability, functionality or security issues that haven’t been address in the early stages. Our iOS app development services can include full QA and testing on a range of devices and environments.

Everything we do is agile, so we're constantly reviewing, testing and fixing throughout the lifecycle of the project.  We encourage close collaboration with our clients during the development and QA process. Clients will have access to our bug tracking tool so that everything is transparent and can be tracked to completion. This allows us to deliver high quality apps, every time.

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Our Team

We, at Team In India, are a team of 180+ mobile app developers, who’re ready to accept the challenges of the modern technology and create apps that stand the test of time, yield the results for your business. Choosing our team means achieving the desired results for your business rather efficiently. We’re creative and focused, so when you hire mobile app developers from Team In India, you’re picking the brain that is most creative and addicted to technology.

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Our Work In The Spotlight!

ios desktop

Available on the Apple Store, the app has been designed to be able to calculate chances of a stroke through evaluating a series of risk factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle and other health factors. The app helps individuals and health professionals reduce the risk and incidence of stroke.

android desktop

An Android app that acts as a social network system to connect farmers and nearby beekeepers. Instant notification system informs farmers of any registered beehives near their properties and secure messaging allows sharing of information on crop protection.

ios desktop

The app, designed for the Apple store, makes business networking easier - allowing you to view, message and connect with nearby users on LinkedIn and Enterprise Social Networks, such as Yammer and Chatter. The users can also use check-in to update location on LinkedIn, yammer, etc.

android desktop

A searchable directory of programs and services for Victorian families caught up in the turmoil of separation, the app is available on the Android store. It allows parents to choose the right plans that protect the best interests of the child, and make parenting plans considering the child’s wellbeing.

android desktop

This app, available for Android phones, performs as a food ordering system, and allows you to order food from your favorite local takeaway restaurants. The users can choose from thousands of restaurant and cuisine options, and request delivery at their doorstep.

ios desktop

The app, designed for the iOS store, is all about increasing the efficiency of the construction industry by automating processes and sharing all the information in real-time. It also detects when a contractor approaches a new building project.

android desktop

Our client wanted us to create an app that plays all the hit songs right from the 70’s onwards – we did it by creating this app for him. The app has been designed particularly for the Android platform and is winning hearts.

ios desktop

Designed for iPhone and iPad, the app is a comprehensive solution for imparting advice, recording information and promoting the services of Oralift treatment. It is useful for Oralift practitioners, current patients and also to prospective patients unsure whether to begin treatment or not.

android desktop

An app that we designed to help the students connect with each other, possibly one where connections happen for dates, roommates and even travel companions.

ios desktop

Providing information regarding all product support, how to use it, trouble shooting help and addresses of our support centres happens through this app designed by us.

android desktop

An app designed to browse the finest commercial and residential properties by country, region, city or postcode. We were told to develop an app that searches properties based on lifestyle and favorite pastimes- we met the requirements by making this one.

ios desktop

The app conducts profiling tests to assess the root and stem strength of different wheat varieties. The users can select the wheat variety for tailored plant growth regulator advice through the medium of this app.

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